Roller Derby!

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We watched Whip It last night. What a great movie! If you haven’t seen it, and you like to see women kicking each other’s asses, watch it. It’s so fucking rad. Juliette Lewis is still hot.


I totally want to try roller derby. I got invited to try outs a couple years ago for the Cincinnati Rollergirls, but didn’t think I’d be into it. After watching that movie, I am starting to think roller derby is even more kick ass than bike racing. I am going to go check out their practice and see what it’s all about.

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19 thoughts on “Roller Derby!

  1. Awesome. Shame I’ll have to wait for it on DVD here in time-forgotten Germany.

    I’ll look for it though.

  2. Ladies roller derby back in the day was bad ass. Big chunky chicks kicking ass left and right.

    Everything since has been pretty bitches pretending to kick ass left and right.

    This any diff ??

  3. These girls look pretty fucking big to me. i’d get my ass kicked. looking into it for next year tho. might be fun to try and throw some bitches down. the outfits are kickass kind of.

  4. from what i can tell, roller derby around here is lame. buncha fat outta shape hipster chicks “lookin cool.” the same chicks/crowd who pose on their “fixies” and have no idea what riding a bike is about, beyond it being a fashion statement. More kick ass than bike racing..come on..ain’t no way

  5. There are two leagues in Austin. One is flat track, and one is banked track (banked track rules!) There’s plenty of hipster in the scene, but these girls take what they do very seriously, and work very hard at it. I’ve had very good friends who’ve skated, and they’d beat the shit out of luky for that quip. Sure some of it is show, but most of it is full contact sport. It’s a lot of fun to watch, and I’m glad I’m not out there with them. Women of all shapes and sizes, kicking ass. All the TV coverage has made it seem a lot more glitzy and hipster than it is. Go see some matches in person. Movies don’t do it justice.

  6. @el jefe – two teams here too. they used to be one team, but now there’s bad blood between them, so they split. one is flat track and one is banked. i’m going to check out a practice soon.

  7. I’ve seen blood, broken bones, and black eyes at the matches. It’s full contact. Kinda’ like Keirin racing without the bikes…

  8. Now that I’ve taken the time to click through some of the photos linked by Luky above (see…#comment-36365), it make me think Ellen Page was completely miscast in this film. She is way too slight, insubstantial, waify and hipster for this role. It needs more of a Kristen Johnston / Kirstie Alley / Jennifer Hudson presence in my opinion. Not big and sloppy, but poised and powerful. Strength over cute-in-a-thriftstore-sweater.

  9. @big jonny – you HAVE to rent Whip It. ellen page did some awesome skating. she did her own tricks too, unlike drew barrymore. but yea, you are right. these girls are big and brutal. one local girl here that i know who skates for the ky team, she’s tiny. so who the hell knows. if i got slammed by one of the bigger girls, that could be it for me. still, i’ll try anything once.

  10. Two flat track leagues in Chicago — Windy City Rollers and the more DYI Chicago Outfit. Very good stuff. They still have the funny nicknames, but without the pro wrestling bullshit of the old bank track UHF-TV bouts. This is what American sport could have been about if we won the revolution.