Hell hath no fury like a bitch on wheels

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Hey yo – thanks for that intro Gnome, and thanks for asking me to write for DC.

A few things about me…..

1. I was a bike messenger in San Francisco in the early 90’s.
2. That city chewed me up and spit me out.
3. I spent 4 months in a drug rehab detoxing off methadone. Talk about some mother fucking pain.
4. I race bikes now. Well, I try to, anyways.
5. I have 3 rescue dogs, 2 Dobermans a pit bull. I walk them all at the same time.
6. My boyfriend, Dominic, got paid to ride a freestyle bike when he was a kid.

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7. When I was 19, I drank a beer with Lemmy). He was wearing very short, short cut offs.
8. I laugh during inappropriate situations.
9. I think both sides of our government are evil motherfuckingliers.
10. I haven’t worn make up in over two years.
11. I am doing a 12 hour road race in 3 months.
12. I volunteered for Doberman rescue for 7 years. Now I raise money for them racing.
13. I learned how to ride a fixed gear on a velodrome.
14. I get paid in raw meat to run dogs once a week.
15. This way I don’t have to feed my dogs some shit out of a bag. I feed my dogs everything from turkey necks, to beef heart, to tripe, to chicken feet and other gross dead animal parts.

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16. I get acupuncture monthly.
17. I went to The School for Creative and Performing Arts with Carmen Electra (her real name is Tara Patrick). We both took ballet.
18. I have a raging fucking temper.
19. I believe in medical cannabis and will support online cannabis shops such as D8 Super Store.
20. I am getting my 4th bike soon. It’s an old Trek MTB. Completely rebuilt and painted by Dominic.

My 3rd CX race and I came in 4th.

gun club perfect remount

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About Judi

Bicycles are my salvation. They are my way of life. If you don't like it, then you can go straight to hell. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

17 Replies to “Hell hath no fury like a bitch on wheels”

  1. pretty interesting life so far and good choice on the addiction. although bikes will make you sell your shit to get more too. but it lasts longer.

  2. That is SO true… I would question which is the more expensive habit. As an aside Bone and all, huh? Yipe!

  3. Good on ya for the Doberman rescue, the rescue groups are really great things, especially for the misunderstood breeds.

    The rest of the resume seems pretty good too…

  4. really tough call. at my worst i spent 100 bucks a day on dope. with bikes, i am more in debt than anything else.

  5. ah, i like me some addicts. i live with three: two in the program (13 years and 1.5 years), one acting crazy still. i go to a job with a dozen future programmers too. excellent teachers, all of ’em. you want to see what kind of person you are? get in the company of some 12 steppers or folks who prioritize getting high over everything else. judi, despite being scary, getting your story out here will be an excellent way to enhance recovery and practice the six capacities of intimacy: initiative, presence, completion, vulnerability, and honesty. good on ya.

  6. …you know i’m gonna follow your blog shit wherever you are…

    …it’s funny that we’ve never even actually met ‘cuz we’re both a part of each others lives from the “yahoo tubes”…you, dom, bikes n’ the doggies…

    …hold your line & kick some ass, kiddo…

  7. I’m already looking forward to your next post. Our Remount technique is very similar. I wonder if you dismount face first like me, too.

  8. LOL. Doalk thinks you’re scary. wait, i prob did when i first met you too.
    Great first post. can’t wait to read more.

  9. addicts aren’t scary, not at all. in fact the more the dress themselves up with ink and piercings, the less intimidating they become. seems to be a nice correlation between body art and perceived severity of childhood abuse. so what’s scary about a person who got beat up or abandoned? i like hearing their stories and knowing them. judi talked about fear a minute ago when she wrote “I have this fucked up, gritty, grimy past that is just SCREAMING to get out. I have held it in and held it in. Yet it scares the shit out of me to let it out.” so i say hell yeah, put it out there. it’ll help her and everyone else too. i’ll read every scrap of text she posts.

  10. dolak – right on. thanks dude.

    for the record, i don’t do AA or NA. i probably should. but i don’t. years ago i was court ordered to live in a halfway house (6 months) and i had to do meetings everyday. but there are some sick fucks in na/aa too. one guy used to proposition me for sex – for $$.

    once i was off probabtion, i went back to dope.

    i give big props to those who work those programs though. it takes a lot of commitment and shit.

  11. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Love that you are writing here as well. Keep it REAL GIRL!!