Tuesdays with Dirty: Ditches

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I decided that I needed to start posting on a regular basis and Tuesday seems like as good of a day as any. You might find this entertaining, you might not..but I’m going to do it anyway.

I just finished a ride and  I have been sipping away at this fine glass of Sailor Jerry on the rocks and I got  to thinking. Pineapple’s reflection pool raises a good question: what do I think is worth talking about?

I realized that no matter how old I get, no matter what type of bike I am riding, I always love ripping through a good ditch. It could be on my big bike, my one speed, my bmx, or today it was on my fixed while coming home from running errands…there is just something about carving up onto those walls that makes your day better. I even go out of my way on my dorky cross country rides, to the most boring and tame piece of trail,  just to air out of one of them.

A ditch as defined by Mr Webster is “a long narrow trench or furrow dug in the ground”. That doesn’t seem to do it justice. I look at this picture that I took of my good friend Dave for a definition. Two grown men riding little kid bikes in a drainage ditch somewhere in the suburban hell of Mesa, Arizona and it was one of the best days I have had in a while.

Find your ditch. Keep it dirty.

Dave at the Sossman ditch

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15 Replies to “Tuesdays with Dirty: Ditches”

  1. Sailor Jerry is the FUCKING BOMB. A bud here at work introduced me to that stuff a couple years ago knowing I loves me some good rum…and seriously…its the best by a LONG SHOT. Just be wary…too much and you WILL end up in a ditch…92 proof ain’t fucking around.

  2. Jefe…looked it up…dayum…fitty bones per 750? I’ll give it a ride, but the Sailor only sets you back about $16 per bottle.

    bp – no likey the bourbon…it’s rum or beer for me. Unless its a bottle of wine in the hot tub with the wife…that usually ends really well.

    All these reflective posts encouraging us to get on with our lives and ride really make me want to get on with my life and ride (09 sucked monkey balls)…unfortunately I have bronchitis and its 10 degrees and we’re supposed to get 8 inches of powder tonight (which WOULD be great if I lived in a state that had more than 200 feet of vertical). Think I’ll get some rum instead.

  3. It aren’t cheap, but it beats the standard grog by a long shot… I don’t get it often and a bottle is savored one small glass at a time… Flor de Cana is pretty good too, and nowhere near as expensive. Barbancourt is up on my list too. Matusalem also makes some good mid range rums.

    Rum and Bourbon will be the death of me… Oh and Tequila/Sotol too… So much alcohol, so little time…

    First half of 09 I actually spent a bit of time on my bike, the second half sucked balls. Not one ride after August. 10lbs heavier, with office ass… Hello 2010.

  4. Pyrat is an interesting rummish sipping beverage, though a tad spendy. We have it for dessert in the desert. And el jefe is correct, the Barbancourt is a high quality, attractively priced product.

  5. 10lbs heavier ??


    I’ve barely ridden in a year+. Weighed my self recently and I am now a 240lb Sack o’ Shit.

    60lbs over my normal.

    I need to join Fat Fucks Anonymous.

    Or I could just put this beer down eh ??

    Decisions, decisions.

  6. Thanks for that, Dirty. I feel the same way you do. My ditch radar is always on. There is nothing better than a good day long ride at a great ditch. Not even a day long ride at a skate park matches it. I miss the Sedona Ditch. My heart aches whenever I pass by the spot where her smooth transitions and semi lumpy walls once stood. If any of you had ever seen it, or skated it, or ridden it, I’m sure you feel the same way.

  7. Not that I have the full set of skills to air out any ditches, but they are frozen and snow covered anyway.
    Just got back from the Island with a full liter of Appleton 12 year old.
    The Bomb and unobtanium here at home at anywhere near $21, if at all.
    Why did I only get one bottle of Jamaican rum?