Vanilla Pique

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I recently saw some photos from Health Care protests here in Arizona over at the mob. Not all the photos are from Arizona, but many are. And the theme remains constant throughout: The Vanilla Mob Cometh.


Notice it’s white people waving those signs around. There is a very real undercurrent to racism in all of this health care talk in Arizona. The “citizens”, the while folks, they don’t want to pay for the “illegals”. Even though these same people will pay the same illegals to mow their lawns, clean their homes and trim their palm trees. The Phoenix economy is fueled in part by cheap immigrant labor. (See See also,, whitebread clowns fuel the immigrant labor workforce by hiring illegals. Every week of the year.

Just don’t ask ’em to provide health care too, I guess. That is drawing a line with these folks. I can hear it now, because, trust me, I’ve heard it before in person. It goes a little bit like this, “Sure, I’ll throw a guy a couple of twenties for trimming out my date palm out front and dragging the fronds down to the dump. But I’ll be damned if I’m gonna git him health care too! He can pay for his own doctor!”

I feel a lot of love in this room.

Is it all about the angry white guy? Is it that simple? Lord help us. The next few years are going to be ugly in this country.

You can click through another gallery at tpm: Meet the Mob, Round 2: More From The Health Care Battlefield. In this one, you may notice other flavors aside from aforementioned vanilla. But we are still painfully mired in the dairy section of the American population.

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21 Replies to “Vanilla Pique”

  1. It must be mind-numbing to live in the southwest, where white folks seem dead-set on maintaining a permanent underclass (“illegals” or the more politically correct “undocumenteds”) to perform maintenance, service, agricultural and construction work at “a good price.”

    Deny voting, health care, education and let them conduct their financial business at “Se Habla Payday Loans,” and hey José, nice work on the patio, here’s $20, go get some tamales for the kids.

  2. Walmart must be empty during these public temper tantrums thrown by small minded, uneducated, racist white people.

  3. Much props on the stop hiring illegals while wanting them out of the country. Give a kid a summer job instead, you can underpay them and maybe their unemployed parents won’t get evicted or foreclosed on…maybe the illegal person that they usually hire will actually have to go back to where ever they are from and pay their dues like the millions of legal immigrants do every year. The people that come here legally are the real losers that are taking the flak for people that break the law and drive up health care for the rest of us!! Legal immigration is what this country is supposed to be about!! There is a difference!

  4. good post…

    the health care debate comes down to one sad fact about U.S. politics…

    The [majority] of society’s winners (folks with good jobs/income, healthcare coverage) will never
    willingly sacrifice, either via taxes or a change in their own health care services, for
    the sake of the losers (the jobless, w/o health-care, immigrants, etc.).

    Europeans and many Asian societies seem to understand that you judge a society not by the living standards of the highest rung on the ladder, but by the lowest. We don’t seem to grasp that
    one here.


  5. I think the southeast is actually worse, exception being maybe south Florida. At least in the southcentral/southwest states there is a more established, legal, latino community which seems to give some legitimacy to those communities, but places like Georgia seem to be full of crackers who want their golf courses and lawns and gated communities immaculately landscaped but at the same time will rant about “those damned illegals”…
    50 years from now it is gonna be a white minority, which should REALLY scare ol whitey.

    “Wake up America”…what a joke. More like open your minds jackasses. Your family probably has some immigrants in it somewhere.

  6. Here’s one for flag-waving racists:

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

  7. Is it really a racial thing? Because one could argue about the lack of African-American support at a McCain/Palin rally…and then point out that something along the lines of 94% of African-Americans voted for Obama…and then raise the point (however politically incorrect it may be) that not ALL of those votes were “educated” ones (i.e. the “sheeple” effect).

    Painting with a large brush will get us nowhere…except further apart as a people.

    Would any of you deny that there are probably REAL people with REAL concerns at these rallys? And that those people are being drowned out by the screaming meemies “for the cause of the country” as well as the scoffings of the media? That should be our major concern…where is THAT line drawn. It’s just too bad you have to dig through so much bullshit…cest la vie.

  8. if one actually bothered to learn anything about big pharma one’d be very concerned no matter what the color of one’s skin. obama has caved in to big pharma going against his campaign promises, and that is not worth trying, just say no to big pharma, they’re part of the problem. the UHC plan should federalize pharma. everybody’ll just get big ol’ cans of pils, and big glass jugs of opiates.

  9. C’mon sommerfliesby, don’t you know that it *is* racist to disagree with “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need”? It’s in the official definition, right there under “only whitey can be racist.” If you’re going to hang out here, you’ll need to learn to automatially assume that white = privledged and successful and non-white = unemployed and starving. (Oh-yeah, and “Mexican” = illegal) Jeese, it’s right there on the DNC purity test fer cryin’ out loud!

  10. “if one actually bothered to learn anything about big pharma one’d be very concerned no matter what the color of one’s skin. obama has caved in to big pharma going against his campaign promises, and that is not worth trying, just say no to big pharma, they’re part of the problem.”

    schulz— just when I’m inclined to agree with you, you drivel on like this.

    Have you watched the market cap of the dreaded, evil, “Big Pharma” the last few years? Pfizer is bombed-out shell of its former self.

    “Generic” drugs developed and manufactured to substandard GLP (good laboratory practices) and GMP (good manufacturing practices) can be downright dangerous. My insurance company, by the way, charges me 10X for my proven “name brand” statin, as I refuse to make myself a ghetto medical experiment by sampling a few different generics instead, to save THEM money.

    The problem is with the insurance companies. The problem is with doctor-owned, for-profit business. Nationalize the lot, and we’ll enjoy improved morbidity and mortality, lower cost per patient, and BONUS! fifty million Americans get get access to health care of ANY kind.


  11. nice scare mongering with the whole GLP/GMP comment. the fact is you are a living science experiment once you start popping pills. it is in large part the who’s who of the darwin awards, but check this out: AnnualReports

    the reports don’t tell you if they died from taking generic pills or how many people pharmas save, but it does indicate that there are about 1,500 people dying a year from a properly followed prescription. i’ve read this is just the tip of the iceberg though, as many cases are not reported to the poison control centers.

    anyway, Obama has given these guys the go-ahead on their monopoly of Obamacare. he’s right mikey, we should just let the pharmas patent our genes so that they essentially own the human race and control everyone.

    and you’re right about the stock market, i mean, i don’t bother looking anywhere else when i want to know the truth about a business i’m interested in. those stock exchange guys are just so damn forthright, particularly honest and truthful about everything you need to know.

  12. “nice scare mongering with the whole GLP/GMP comment”

    schulz— I spent several years during the 90s servicing and selling GLP systems (and liquid chromatography) into the biotech sector, public and private. I have some idea how drugs are developed and manufactured. Generics are, for the most part, inferior to “name brand” formulations.

    Go ahead and eat whatever your mega-billion dollar insurance company “approves” in their “formulary,” I will stick with a proven Pfizer product.

  13. in vivo testing is not the same as proven, many of these chemicals are toxic to people and it does not matter who manufactures them. these companies are direct decedents of axis war machines and are inherently unsafe. yes people’s lives are saved, but Obama wants to let them keep their monopoly. you nor anyone else can say if there are better safer products because of big pharmas stranglehold on medical research media and everything else. nice job on backing the Pfizer, too bad you know nothing of their gruesome history.

  14. “nice job on backing the Pfizer, too bad you know nothing of their gruesome history.”

    schulz— are we discussing health care reform, or are you simply spouting yet another conspiracy theory?

    Pfizer is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, with an R&D budget in the billions of dollars annually. They have discovered a number of remarkably effective drugs. I have no idea what your problem with them is, but I get the impression it has nothing at all to do with medicine.

  15. Is this anything like “keep the govt out of health care but dont fuck with my medicare”?

    you cant fix stupid

  16. most of these pasty gangsters cant explain why they dont agree other than he is black

    answer me this: Do the people in this picture look healthy?

  17. I don’t hear Wall Mart complaining. in fact most of these so called fail to recognize the value of national health to business owners.

    it amazes me that the biggest support of the GOP these days doesnt even realize that the GOP cares nothing about their low to middle tax bracket.