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15 Replies to ““Not in the leastest…””

  1. she’s also been saying that the law department at the white house would clear her name. the law department. it’s right down the hall from the batshit crazy closet. no doubt, she’ll be prez in 4.

  2. Any of you guys get the feeling…say…in late October…that no matter what, we were going to end up with a complete buffoon for a VP.

    Please Sarah Palin…make this the end. Please. Just. Go. Away.

  3. What safer way to guarantee another democratic victory than to have that poorly educated white trash run for P or VP? Stay Sara stay. You provide mirth and guffaws to us all.

  4. Batshit crazy is the only possible explanation. Let me get this straight, she quit her job, which was to run an entire state, you know, like a politician might, so she can go on Oprah and Rush until the next presidential election??

    Laker Girl had it exactly right in a previous thread, “she is everything wrong with the gop message”. She is utterly content-free and so ignorant it’s just offensive. The Repmocrats URGENTLY need to shoot this cow and get on with, you know, trying to help run the country. Yeesh.

  5. I’m up in Juneau for my 20th high school reunion and holy batshit, there has been story after story after fucking story about all of the ethics complaints against her, or the fact that she’s collecting a cost of living per diem while she lives in HER OWN HOUSE in Wasilla! I’m with sommerfliesby….please lady, just make it stop…go away, please!

  6. I have to switch off the TV whenever she comes on. My curiousity can’t fit in a space that small! Same goes for all those corn-fed morons on Fox.

  7. Where the F is Dave? Even the davesker doesn’t want a piece of this one. I miss his psychotic banter like I miss breaking in a new Brooks saddle.

  8. “eh… i’d do her”


    i’d rather stick my man-meat in a pissed off beehive.

    that cunt is weapons-grade stupid.

    just sayin’

  9. she can sure beat a dead fish. and I am talking about red herring not salmon

    I know if I don’t get my way I will make up a villain and an imaginary battle to avoid the question. Like my house full of teenagers who lost who went over on their text minutes….

    goodbye fishlips

    like my grandaddy always said about bitches. if you get down to the deed and smell fish, run boy run

  10. …this ones for our pal, plain ol’ dave & it pretty much speaks for itself…

    andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com/…/the-odd-lies-of-sarah-palin-a-roundup.html –

    …sorry, but dunno how to do the link thingy…maybe gnomer or juan grande will do the honors…quite a list…

  11. …thank you, sir, for making the link…that is some worthwhile reading if you’re sitting on ‘that’ side of the fence & still reserving hope for her political future…

    …then again, lotta folks might suggest that the list supports miz palin as having the tools to be a lifelong repuglican leader…

    …just, you know, sayin’…

  12. Perfectly clean pair of fisherman’s coveralls says it all:
    You may be a fighter but you ain’t no fisher.
    Sarah Palin and her photo-op bullshit – you insult the working class of Alaska and other places.