Sarah Palin steps down, happy Fourth of July.

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Yep. She’s out. Going to stretch her wings for a serious run in 2012?

Random collection of headlines as follows…

– In Big Shocker, Palin Resigns As Governor:

– Palin to Resign as Alaska Governor on July 26:

– Palin Quits as Alaska Governor:

– Palin’s Foolish Resignation:

– SNAP ANALYSIS: Why is Sarah Palin resigning as Alaska governor?

They call it a circular firing squad for a reason, you know.

The latest Palin flare-up began in Vanity Fair with a lengthy article by Todd S. Purdum examining the Alaska governor’s past and her potential future. The controversy migrated instantly to the Web and the blogs — it was, in fact, made for the viral communication that dominates today’s politics — and became even more intense, nasty and personal.
Read the rest:

Think it may have had a bit to do with this blazing little piece in Vanity Fair called, simply enough, It Came from Wasilla? Odds on affirmative.

Oh, what wonders do appear…

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30 Replies to “Sarah Palin steps down, happy Fourth of July.”

  1. I did not see that coming…

    Two guesses: One, the postpartum depression was real, and she’s actually going to get help for it. Or two, there is a serious scandal coming and she’s trying to duck the shit-storm.

  2. Time for another SNL Skit

    There goes the “Experience”

    Hey Sarah did you daughter ever marry that dude and make a happy family??

    Time for the GOP to move on w/o this dunce

  3. She is alot smarter them the dump shit in the whitehouse. look at his wife, she looks like a f’n horse!!!!!!!!!

  4. ***laker girl***

    …bells, whistles…flashing lights…that is too fucking marvelous !!!…

    …if there was any real justice, there’d be a prize for the best, most astute, reality based comment regarding the palin situation & you’d be sitting in the best seat in the house drinking dom fucking perignon


  5. …& on a political front, all this horseshit about “Many just accept that lame duck status, and they hit that road,” Palin said. “They draw a paycheck. They kind of milk it. And I’m not going to put Alaskans through that.” is amazingly lame but you can’t duck the truth, gov palin & that is, you are walking out on a job you sought, were elected to & now have no intention of fulfilling or trying to make worthwhile…

    …i hope you do run for president & that your naivete comes back & bites your ass big time…bottom line, baby, you are a quitter !!!…any reasoning you use to justify this move is superseded, overshadowed & simply nullified by the fact that you are a quitter…plain n’ simple…

  6. bgw: “…a job you sought, were elected to & now have no intention of fulfilling…”

    Kinda like that senator Whatshisname from Illinois, wouldn’t you say? Virtually every politician seeking higher office has done the very same thing. Lot of hatred coming from the left for this woman. Lot of fear. How did the pilots say back in the day? “If you’re getting flak, you must be over the target.” Indeed. They wouldn’t be so stirred up if she were just some random dunce from the sticks.

    One thing’s for sure. Someone’s going to have to clean up the mess being made by former Senator Whatshisname (D-IL). We the People should be about fed up enough with this shit to vote in some congressional checks and balances. That should at least help until 2012. I don’t see Palin getting the nomination. Romney, maybe? We’ll be due for someone with some business sense that at least has a clue how the economy works. Going to be tough going no matter what. For both parties.

  7. Dave government is not about business its about leadership, which has been lacking on all levels, by a can’t accept no or discipline populace.

    Being lead by business = fascism.

    Notice how to fuck=up healthcare, make it about business.

  8. It’s a batshit crazy move. She’s not a lame duck. She hasn’t even completed one of her two possible terms. Lots of ambitious politicians don’t complete their terms… WHEN THEY ARE ELECTED TO A HIGHER OFFICE. If she wants to keep from being a lame duck, complete this term and don’t run for re-election. She’s a popular governor. It doesn’t make sense, but is sure is maverickey…

    Maybe she’s eyeing a run for Senate in 2010? Alaska has one seat up, but if it’s for presidential ambitions, this past election was the first time a sitting senator was elected to president since Kennedy. (Nixon and LBJ were both senators before being elected, but were not in the Senate while running). The odds are not good for her, and it would probably put off any presidential run to at least 2016, which isn’t unreasonable for her. At least she’d have time to get up to speed on the issues… Without that there is no way she is a serious candidate. Maybe she’s hoping everyone will forget how incompetent she is, but you don’t run for president from a position of no exposure. My money is still on her being about to be indicted for something.

    The religious right, which has final say in the Republican party won’t accept Romney because he’s Mormon, and that’s not going to change in 8 years. They won’t accept Snowe or Hutchison because they are pro-choice. (Hutchison will hopefully take down Gov. “Goodhair” Perry in the next TX gubernatorial primary. Hopefully she’ll lose in the general, but she’d be a whole lot better than the Texas Blago…) The rest of the potential field seem to be dropping like flies.

    I don’t like all the things Obama is doing, but the blame for the current load of shit lies squarely on Bush. Your revisionist attempts won’t change that.

  9. Patrick, you make my point. Of COURSE government is about leadership rather than business. And now The Annointed One runs Chrysler, GM and major financial institutions, and next wants to tell me what doctors I can see, what procedures he can administer and how long I have to wait? We’ll NEED someone with a head on his shoulders to square away that which the scrawny-assed Kenyan has had four years to fuck up.

  10. Dave, you need to stop watchin Fox, listening to Rush, an get a reality check. Read more, inform yourself on the truths, and not focus on False negativity. You are a racist,a bigot, and just plain ignorant. No one annoited anyone. But the majority of americans ELECTED the better of two choices. Thats what called democracy. If you dont like whats going on in youre country, find one better. Oh but wait, you probly dont have a passport, or have never even left the state youre in. 60% of ameriCANS havent or dont. Its funny how quick people are to judge, when they just DONT KNOW. Guess it make you feel just a bit better about youre meanial life. Also what is amazing is how quick you forget who ran the past 8 years in youre Glorious Country of the American Democratic Republic, otherwise known as the USA. and just fucked everything, everywhere up. Republicans will always NO MATTER what always find fault with ANYTHING the opposision does,. It bullyish and childish. Dont bitch , Vote. enough rant..Sorry, but Dave, Life is what YOU make of it, not what they make of it. The right attitude will take you places, the wrong attitude takes you nowhere.

  11. …ahhh, yes, thank you, dave…“the annointed one…the scrawny-assed kenyan”…lovely…

    …so many of us have cartoon-y blog names but you, sir, as plain ol’ dave have the real cartoon-y persona & your little bon mots like the two above are so revealing & indicative of your true biases…

    …happy fourth, dave…ain’t america great ???…

  12. “Time for the GOP to move on w/o this dunce”

    Gotta go with Butthead on this. Again, we NEED the Repmocrats to get their train back on track. It’s a two-party system, yo, and right now the GOP is laying in the ditch. You cannot base the largest government in the world on fundy wackjobs and gun nuts alone.

    “Talk about a Bridge to nowhere” Laker Girl- I laughed out loud, that’s one’s gonna stick.

    el jefe is right, it’s simply batshit crazy move.

    That VF article was detailed and scathing, but also heavily biased. I have peeps in juneau and I’m interested to see what they think. They can’t help but be offended for being dismissed as distant provincials, even though they sort of are.

    Enjoy the fourth. I’m gonna go to my cousin’s and eat way too much barbecue, drink way too much beer and blow off some illegal fireworks. AMERICA RULEZ!!

  13. bgw: I have “biases”? “True” ones, yet? Sweet. Maybe I can get a gig with the lamestream media.

  14. What was she thinking? Using the same building supplier as Ted Stevens!

    Nevermind Stevens was found not guilty. In the “mind” of a liberal, guilt by association always trumps the truth in these matters. The truth will come out. If it is damaging to Mrs. Palin the lamestream media will run it 24/7. If not, we will hear nary a peep. Mark my words.

  15. …dave…when i said “cartoon persona” i wasn’t joking…you are a fucking buffoon…

    …i won’t dignify your idiocy regarding the ted steven’s case because if you’ve honestly looked into it, you’d know justice wasn’t served, it was once again compromised…big time…

    …you, sir, are an apologist…& as an apologist you do nothing more than parrot the ‘party’ spin…when the “behind the scenes” machinations decide that ‘black is white’ or ‘white is black’, you jump right in w/ yup, yup, yup !!! without being privy to the reason’s for the decision …

    …fucking sad, dave, just fucking sad…& tiring…

  16. Because conservatives never rely on guilt by association… Have you no memory? Ayers, Wright….

    Ted Stevens was not found “not guilty”. He was convicted by the BUSH justice department. The current AG decided to throw out the conviction before sentencing, because of serious problems with the behavior of the BUSH justice department (withholding information from the defense, among other things). It does not mean he didn’t do anything wrong. It means that the AG knew that they would lose on appeal. Again, because of misconduct by the Bush justice department. Get your facts straight, you revisionist twat.

  17. Senator Ted Stevens got a cheap remodel and lost his senate seat in the bargain. He paid,in the coin of his ilk. Fucking sad, the guy has been a politcal leader in the 49th state SINCE STATEHOOD. Arrogance on a titanic scale.

    Now, if some alarmist conspiracy theorists are to be believed, Ms. Palin will be hoisted on the same petard.


  18. Seriously, did you get that> Stevens was one of Alaska’s FIRST TWO SENATORS WHEN THEY BECAME A STATE. He threw it away for a cheap remodel and very narrowly missed doing jail time. The guy is a hundred times the D.C. politician that former Governor Palin will ever be. Stay classy, babe.

  19. The FBI-under the control of Barry Hussien, mind you-has said that there is no investigation of Governor Palin being conducted. Y’all can rant and rave about “scandal this” and “Didn’t finish her term” that, but I’d bet my Monocog the best legal minds in the country (yes, even Big Jonny and that Latina woman Sonya Whatsherface that’s going to be on the Supreme Court) will agree with me, a lowly electrician that the governor’s business is the governor’s business and any improprieties on her part that all y’all on the left might be salivating over, real or imagined, just ain’t there. Deal with it and move on.

  20. Oh, and Mikey? “Possible”, maybe. Just like it’s possible that hundred dollar bills could start shooting out of my ass at any second. But it’s no more likely. Get over yourself and get a life.

  21. dave don’t you think you are better served backing GOP ideology and helping project a new front rather than defending this dumbass. she is everything wrong with the gop message. I mean you would have to agree that the constitution this woman defends is a little more than a lapel pin.

  22. dave please for once tell us exactly how the media is liberal. in detail with examples. and a noun and verb if you can