The barn was burned

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Spectated hard (the only way I know how) at the inaugural Barn Burner 100 yesterday. That was a very well put together event. I think this one is going to get very positive reviews from this years participants and its going to be very popular next year. Think about finding some room on your calender in 2010.

I didn’t know I was going I was heading north until Friday morning. Justin had called me about it, saying, hey, I’m coming through Phoenix on my way up from Tucson… got room in the truck. And there I was. Threw together a bag of gear and filled an ice chest with beer. Those guys were racing, I was on vacation.

Hit Flagstaff for dinner and no idea where I was going to eat until we got there. Jackass is like that sometimes. And by sometimes I mean all the time. He likes to keep me guessing. Anyway, got to see a big of Big Pun and future Mrs. Big Pun, and my man the Gnome over a few slices of pizza on the quick.

Got to the race venue at 10:00 pm and impressed the hell out of Snake by setting up my lawn chair and popping a top immediately upon arrival. I was laughed at by my compatriots when I set up a tent. They said, oh jonny, it’s a clear night. Sleep under the stars. ‘Bout four in the morning the raindrops started tapping away as I rolled over and smiled. Justin crawled under his truck and Snake under an adjacent motorhome to stay dry. Yeah. Who’s laughing now?

The fist lap went out muddy. The sky soon cleared and the track got fast. Fastest lap of the day came then – Big Tex nailed it down. I think he was motivated by his tits up car left a mile away on the side of the road where it lay down to die. Oh, the horror.

I picked up a hat from the fine folks at, because, you know, I was. I think I rode my bike for an hour. All weekend. And that’s still an hour more that Pineapple pulled off at the Old Pueblo when he never even took his bike of the rack the whole weekend. I’m sure he pulled more high fives than I did. But it wasn’t for any lack of trying on my part, I’ll tell ya that much. My hand still hurts from that shit.

I do what I can. When I can.

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10 Replies to “The barn was burned”

  1. you still in on the duo next old pueblo?
    my wife asks aloud: “which one of you two is going to pull the dead weight?”
    my answer: “i am not sure”

  2. what i mean is……you brought up the duo category for everyone’s favorite 24 hour race, I am wondering if you are still in on that?

  3. What’d ya mean “it figures”? Are you serious about this? I’m sure I can find a few guys and girls that would love to form up like voltron into a duo team with you. But, be warned, you’re going to have to actually take your bike down off the roof rack and ride it if you sign up. Not like last year where the bike never touched dirt the entire weekend. I’m not going to race, but I’m not stopping you from racing. In fact, I’m openly encouraging you do participate. Let me know.