Flanders Fever

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I’m digging through the Flanders start list (yeah, I’m that fucking bored in Torts lecture) and whom do I see under Landbouwkrediet-Colnago?

None other than Filip Meirhaege. Yeah, that Merihaege.

Think he’ll make it past the first feed zone?

My pick? Boom Boom Boonen!

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5 Replies to “Flanders Fever”

  1. Wow! They named a race after me…. That’s fan-didley-tastic!
    Wish the Versus coverage wasn’t so gay!

  2. Yeah, Filip will finish in good shape. I think he got in the mid-40’s in last year’s Paris-Rouibax. With or without the drugs, he is still a powerful cyclist.

  3. Strong cyclist or not,
    He’s a dirty low down scum sucking cheater.
    I am still shocked to find him racing. he stole a lot of placings from
    His mountain bike racing brethren.
    And somehow his rehabilitation still leaves a sour taste.