Fun in the sun

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The Valley of the Sun stage race is in the books. And it actually approached fun there for a minute… don’t get me wrong…the OP it is not, but it had it’s moments. Anytime you are pinning a number on a jersey that looks like this:


…it can’t be all bad.

Or, if you happen to be able to use your position as a lowly bike porter to get a teabag your top tube picture of the race winner and reigning national elite TT champions road bike…that’s a good weekend right there.



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Phoenix, Arizona, USA

14 thoughts on “Fun in the sun

  1. I thought it was some dude’s knee after surgery. Serves me right for looking at the pics before reading the text.

  2. I dunno ’bout you guys but when I’m at a traffic light stopped I usually have one foot out and am sitting on my top tube with my sweaty chammy…knowing that info…tea bag top tubes to your hearts content. :-P

  3. next time, drop the boys on the brake hood. That’ll give ’em something to think about next time they wipe thier eyes…

  4. just when I thought it was bad enough, SxPxDxCx brings that up, and of course I look. shaved scrot and skidmark. fuck me…

  5. Umm, those undies look look a Topol Smokers Toothpaste commercial… Next time use a little bleach

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  7. Well played Marty, Well played. Just be careful if you get drug tested, hopefully none of his sweat was absorbed by your balls resulting in a positive testosterone reading.