Been MIA…

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Look, been out a few days, turns out that working 70+ hours per week puts a crimp in my posting style, and or writing. Ah well, momma said that there would be days, or in this case, weeks like these. Let’s just say that sometimes being an automotive supplier, is, well, interesting. Well, actually, I don’t work in the pure automotive supply chain any longer, such as making parts for the Big 3, no, I moved on from that field this past summer, and moved into turbo chargers for large equipment. Sometimes though, it’s just as demanding. Been in the trenches taking grenades this week, and part of last week. The wife and I went away last weekend though, to a little place in North Carolina called Beech Mountain for a short getaway, but on the return, I had a shit week at work. And this, my friends, is why they pay me the medium bucks.

Enough with the job bitching, you all don’t need to be reading that bullshit. I’m sure that everyone has a story like I do, or has a week like I did. All part of living the life, living the dream. I did go in this weekend, mostly because, if I didn’t, or if I don’t, I won’t be able to leave for Christmas break on Tuesday. If I leave on Tuesday, I’m off until the 5th o’ January, which is pretty much going to kick a lot of ass.

This week, as most of us know, is cross nationals. Who do I not want to win? Jonathan Page. I’m tired of him now. He’s been chasing the dream over in Europe for what now? 4 years? 5 years? More? I don’t even know, and lost track somewhere over the last couple of years, and don’t really care, nope not at all. Look, I watched his podium finish at world’s a couple of years ago, and it was a great ride, but since then, and actually before then, he’s top 10 sometimes, top 15 most of the time, and sometimes out of the top 15. And do you know anyone who has more “sponsor” problems than this guy? He has so many “sponsor” problems, that it’s starting to look more like HE’S the problem. I don’t know the ins and outs of things, but there are plenty of folks riding for the teams that he used to ride for, and they’ve never complained. I’m just saying. It does seem as though the common denominator here is, well, him. He quits teams. Trades bike sponsors. Sort of whines and cries about in in the press. The man is a good rider, and a good competitor. Is he ever going to be top notch week in and week out in Europe? Nope, probably not. Can he still hang in the top 20? Sure as shit he can, but really; is that really something to bank on and be proud of? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

Who do I want to win? I’m pulling for the Tree Farm. Why the hell wouldn’t you? First, the man is tall. Second, he used to be from around these parts here in North Carolina. I used to ride some races on the road against him. Kona seems like a pretty good bike company, and I’d MUCH rather have him beat down Page out on the course. Then again, a Steve Tilford win would pretty much kick ass as well. That just ain’t gonna happen, but that would kick some ass. Saw that guy race a few weeks ago, and he’s still killing it out there. I am ABP (Anyone But Page) this year. I prefer some Trebon winning skills out there, but I’ll take anyone over Page.

Over on the women’s side of things, let’s face it. Compton shows up, ready to ride, the other ladies out there lining up might as well just start figuring out who is going to be second. Why? Compton is probably the most dominant women’s cross rider I’ve seen since the years of Allison Dunlap. And I’d even say, Katie Compton is a MORE dominant rider than Dunlap was in her prime. What I’d really really like to see is a Compton win at nationals tomorrow, and then a win at world’s, so we could see here strutting around cross courses in the US next season with a rainbow jersey.

No matter what shakes loose out there in Kansas ( who knew that there was a big cross scene in Kansas), I will be tuning into the world’s when they run them. kicks ass. Another thing, locations for cross nationals. Forgive me middle America, but cross nationals should pretty much be held either somewhere in the Northeast every year, or actually more specifically, New England, or in the Pacific Northwest. Why? Mostly because those are the cross crazy parts of this country, and Kansas? Really? Next thing you know, we’ll be seeing cross nats in some location like, Florida. That would blow. And by blow, I mean, suck.

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2 thoughts on “Been MIA…

  1. Page is nearly Old Guard now. Tree Farm is the new Black. Still, any American that even gets to Belgium is top notch in my book. that shit they sell ain’t cheap, and page is working for every dollar of it, just like the rest.

    Compton’s a tuff little nug, but I don’t think she’s got the longevity to square up with Dunlap just yet.

    Just say’n.