The 508 2008

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I don’t have much on this yet – I’ve been buried in books at the law school library – but it looks like ‘ol Mountain Goat McGehee and Jackass showed ’em a clean set of wheels at the 508. Maybe we’ll see a race report from one or both of ’em in the near future. At least I hope so. I’ve crewed at the 508 before, and there are a thousand stories that come out of an even like that.

Dan McGehee and guest Justin “Jackass” Peschka were able to post the FASTEST OVERALL TIME this weekend at the Furnace Creek 508 while flying the RideClean colors and winning their category.

Word. Here’s a snip from Marty:

here’s a shot of jackass’ back at time station i-don’t-fucking-know-what this past weekend at the 508. he and HD mcgehee cleaned up, posting the fastest time of the weekend bar none….

…and they looked pretty good doing it….

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2 thoughts on “The 508 2008

  1. I’ve crewed for one of this ultra distance events before. That shit is hard. Congratulations to your guys.