Less Talkie more Doie

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My dad told me a story one time. Here goes,

One day a man goes to a conference talking about how to be a better this and that. People talking about how you need to feel good about yourself in order to have a positive impact on the world. That type of stuff. Well the last speaker stands up and tells everyone in the room to stand up. So everyone stands up. Then he says look under your seat and tell me what you see. To everyone’s astonishment there is a dollar bill taped to the bottom of everyone’s chair. So everyone grabs the dollar and sits back down and everyone stoked because they are a dollar richer. Then the speaker says to the crowd, you want to know what the moral of that story is? If you want to make a buck then get off your ass and do something.

So the moral of this story is if all you do is talk about the problem it will not go away. So get off your ass and do something about it. Stop talking about it and do something.

In the immortal words of Big Pun, less talkie more doie.


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10 thoughts on “Less Talkie more Doie

  1. Discussion, within a group, or as an individual, is the prerequisite(sp?) of doing. One does not train, without contemplation of the purpose. One does not sprint, without thought of timing.

    More constructive discussion, I think is what is lacking.

  2. rhetoric about action.
    now *that’s* irony.

    or,.. a figure/ground reversal.
    or both.

    sometimes a thing is just like a metaphor.
    unless it’s a simile.

  3. I’m almost compelled to do something right now, but as we speak I’m reading this damn blog instead of reading environmental geology like I should be, it all makes sense now. Thanks Snake.

  4. But the real question is… How much of that dollar do you want to go to the people that didn’t stand up?

  5. Sir, have you ever thought about becoming a motivational speaker? You, and that Punisher lad, should tour around telling (and showing) folks how to stand up and collect your big fat check.

  6. i just stood up. there’s not shit under my chair but gum. i’m sitting back down and waiting for the government to put a dollar under my chair. glad it worked for you, though.