Fuck on the sidewalk

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Sometimes I just can’t get over the shit that shows up in my inbox.

From: Legs
Subject: IMG00535.jpg
Just saw this stenciled on the bike path during my commute home. Haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but if I do I let you know how it works out.
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Destined to be a classic.

Ya just gotta wonder about the backstory. A cardboard stencil and some black spray paint? Who & why? One thing I can tell you, it is somewhere in Colorado Spring, Colorado. Aside from that… I have no idea.

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8 Replies to “Fuck on the sidewalk”

  1. Hm. Is doggy style de rigeur? I guess it makes sense for a blistering hot, icy, wet or especially grimy stretch of sidewalk. But in such cases, a standing position could be effected. I’d probably slip on my cleat and pull or break something, ow.


  2. …save the beds for wiccan rituals.

    I think we found Banksy’s first project.

  3. Pile driver wearing orange caution vests. In the case there are motorists, you would simply look like a cal-trans worker busting up cement.

  4. If I get burns doing that on a rug, what happens on the soft, forgiving, sidewalk cement?

    I love sex, but I love my knees, too.