I believe Mayo…

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I believe Mayo…was doped to the gills.

Spanish climbing specialist Iban Mayo became the latest rider to fail a drugs test after it was revealed he had tested positive for EPO during the Tour de France…

The 29-year-old, who finished 16th in the Tour, which finished on Sunday, has been suspended by his team.

“The Saunier Duval team was notified by the UCI that Iban Mayo had tested positive for EPO following a test on July 24 which was a rest day on the Tour de France,” read a statement on the team’s website.
Source: http://www.velonews.com/article/13018.

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15 Replies to “I believe Mayo…”

  1. HMMM…Armstrong didn’t dope, but dropped a doped to the gills Mayo like a prom dress in the Tour…. hmmm….
    I agree, bring him in front of congress.

  2. Alberto Gonzales defense:
    “I don’t recall…”
    “I don’t remember…”
    “I’m not sure…”

    Just tell us about the Olson Twins, Lance

  3. As Willy Voet said, when Dr. Ferrari is your trainer, you’ve got a saucepan under your ass, and people cannot fail to notice. I believe Lance Armstrong was doped to the fucking gills. He made Mayo look like a fucking first year student in pharmacology.

    But the real question is, just how much does Kate Hudson look like his mom? Is she a violation of the “he only fucks women that look like his mom” rule?


  4. You guys talk about doping like it’s a bad thing …

    On another note, what about that Dara Torres … is that an awesome piece of ass, or what ?!?!?!?!?!?!

    just sayin’

  5. …i used to like chicken salad made w/ mayo

    …now i find them both disgusting…