Sunday in Munich

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It’s really nice out. Friday I actually got my fat ass out on my Karate Monkey for a ride, and it was glorious. The snow that was dumping on us on wed. was already gone. The sun was out and it was hovering at around 10 c. 

Funny story…I ride the same route most days; it is a small loop peppered with singletrack, fire roads and some tarmac. I had talked with Wunnspeed about him going out and that got me motivated enough to throw on my headphones and have ride. The loop I do adds up to at most 35k or so. Nothing fancy, and on a good day I can hammer out and back and be home in no time. This did not go that fast. I had to pause for breath more than I care to admit, and it was cold starting up again, but it was worth it. As a reward for my getting off the couch, I paused at the train overpass for a Salvator. Mmmmmm tasty.

I broke out the phone (yes, I do get cell coverage most everywhere I go…) and whipped off a text asking if he was riding yet. No reply. My guess was yet. Leaning against the guardrail, I surmised he would be riding by, just warming up as I finished my beer and was heading home. No biggie. He is a ‘Every ride is training’ guy, while I sit comfortably on the other end of the spectrum in ‘I wonder if I can have a beer at every 10K and still make it home not speaking in vowels’ guy. (Short answer, not really.) Then I see him, wearing shit that you might expect to see on a Jamaican bobsled team. Yup. It’s him. I whistle him over, but he’s busy grinding up some tarmac hill that is 40% for about 100 meters. Then he comes back down to assault the hill again. I quickly (too quickly…) suck down the rest of my beer, return the bottle and try to play catch-up. I really should know better. He is a racing-training-oak-thighed demon and 7 years older than me. I can drink him under the table on any day; I’m pretty sure I could out ride him with 6-8 inches of suspension at some of the local freeride parks, but on a SS-29’er?

The funniest part was every 4th or 5th song was a Danzig song. I couldn’t help but smile and think about Stevil and his dorky obsession. It was a great ride and I plan on doing it more in the future.


Edit : I headed off to read news with my coffee in hand, and this struck my eye. Like a fork. A red-hot glowing one at that.

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“Cuts, scrapes, bruises… all in a day’s riding. Then it’s off for some good german beer in a local biergarten.” Munich, Germany

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  1. …i know w/ thanksgiving turkey, i’m a leg & thigh man but dog, hmmm, i’m not so sure…