Youth Mountain Bike Rides

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Hi all,
We should have gorgeous weather in Sedona this weekend! Our official YMBP ride will be Sunday, leaving Flagstaff at 11 and riding from the Absolute Bikes in Village of Oak Creek (Sedona) around noon. If you (or your kids) are planning to carpool from Flagstaff, please arrive at the new Absolute Bikes location by 10:40 a.m. so we can load people and bikes. It looks like we’ll have a large group, including quite a few new faces. We will have the big van, but we will probably need another vehicle or two; please let me know if you’re willing to drive kids and bikes between Flagstaff and Sedona. Our plan will be to finish riding by 4 pm, stop for food to refuel hungry kids, and be back in Flagstaff between 6 and 7. As always, we’ll call ahead to parents if we’ll be early or late.

Those interested in YMBP shirts… I’ll make sure to be at Absolute Bikes by 10:15 so there’s plenty of time. We have adult S, M, L, and XL in short and long sleeve in red, gold, and silver gray. These are technical wicking fabric t-shirts, NOT cotton. In my experience, adult S is perfect (with room to grow) for the average 6th – 7th grade kid. The cost for shirts is $35 for short sleeve and $40 for long sleeve, with $5 off for families buying more than one. If you’re using a check, please make it out to “Flagstaff Biking Org.” I know that times are difficult for families as well as non-profit organizations, but we’d greatly appreciate it if anyone feels they can donate more to help support this youth biking program.

Finally… I will likely be riding in Sedona on Saturday afternoon as well. If anybody wants to join me for a less formal ride, get in touch and we’ll see if it works out.

Till soon…

–Neil Ross

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