Hump Day

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Just for that cocksucker Pineapple aka Buck Fifty Four aka Iron Mike aka Malibu aka Leche I’ll try to get this one rolling in the a.m.

I do hate to disappoint him so…

After ordering 3 McChickens and a Big Mac I found a quiet corner of the restaurant and sat down and began dissecting the sandwiches. The McChickens came apart easily and I stacked the buns to the side. I kept some of the mayo on the patties as I knew that some sauce would be lost on the bun of the Big Mac. Each bun was removed and immediately replaced with a chicken patty while trying to keep as much of the secret sauce, lettuce, onion and pickle intact on the burger patty.

…Fast forward 35 minutes and I’m presently at my work desk and miserable. Thoughts of running to the restroom to vomit are racing through my head. I have a conference call in 20 minutes and I don’t know if I can make it. Fuck. Read more:…big-macchicken

And it just keeps going. Really. Check the rest of the site:

Show some humility.
What is it about bike racing that breeds selfishness? Are we just a sport populated by well-to-do, mostly white, mostly spoiled kids who live a sheltered life of titanium and carbon? I have interacted with a number of fast racers in my cycling tenure. While I have met many amazing, interesting, humble riders, I am usually left with the same reoccurring question at the end of the day. Do these guys care about anyone but themselves?

…I am continually amused at the number of semi-pros, elite amateurs, and self-professed awesome riders who maintain blog shrines to themselves. These blogs can be identified by tables of personal wattage conquests, self-centered race/training babbling, and the distinct feeling that nobody is reading them. Read more:

He, or she – I have no idea – does make a point.

And so does James Howard Kunstler:

Whoever wakes up as the next president on November 5 will have to preside over the comprehensive reorganization of American life. The big question is whether he can persuade the public to let go of its sunk costs, and all the sheer stuff that represents, and move ahead in a unified way that doesn’t end up tearing the nation apart. The danger is that the public will want to mount a kind of last stand effort to defend a way of life that has no future under any circumstances, and they will ask the president to lead that last stand. Read more:

Wednesday only means one thing around here – we’re closing in on the weekend.

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19 Replies to “Hump Day”

  1. Kunstler has it nailed. After watching the “Early Show” with Hil and Bora interviews + a McCain spot, they have no idea what the hell is going on…or they are scared to death of talking about it.

    Saturday night on the way home from Snake Creek Gap, between Chattanooga and Nashvegas, the news talked about a bank foreclosing on this dude’s house. Well, dude wasn’t too keen on the idea, so he robbed the bank. Seems he was a little pissed. I spent a bunch of time sunday and monday trying to find the story on line, but couldn’t. The news guy on the radio wondered if this was an isolated incident, or the beginning.

    I’ve said this a bunch of times, keep the lion’s belly full, and he will be complacent. Leave him hungry…you know the rest.

  2. And it’s jut going to get uglier as folks realize they have no choice but to make changes to their lives.

    *points to the Clusterfuck Nation link up there*

    He has it right, though I don’t know whether I should be scared or just find a good seat to enjoy the show…

    I think I’ll just grab a 12-pack and a shady spot to sit, I never could stand to miss a good trainwreck.

    If anyone wants to join me, bring munchies.

  3. Reminds me of my 10 years i put into racing. Dude hit it on the head. ive raced with dudes that are in the pro- pellie-ton at this time. * also my x-teams i raced for * some cool and some just out there *

  4. I firmly believe the majority will not make any changes until it is too late. Between consumerism, NASCAR, fOOtball, and The Biggest Loser, people are so tied to a lifestyle of excess and entertainment, they will fight “change” to the end. If that means piling insermountable debt to keep the hot wings and Miller Lite flowing while watching the flatscreen, they will die trying to keep the blinders on.

    If you haven’t read “The Long Emergency”, you should.

    -I’ll bring lawnchairs and cigars.

  5. I’ve got a dirty thirty of High Life, and a big fat spliff.
    It’s gonna be a long show.
    Anybody have a good Chili recipe?

  6. As a wrench and a black guy and someone who has worked with kids in an earn a bike program and an Interbike attendee, I’ve gotta say it’s all one. While I realize Interbike and the industry are businesses that need to profit to stay alive, they could do their part by trying a little more outreach to people of color. I don’t mean to imply anything intentional, but some of the looks and snubbing I felt in Vegas was palpable, and would it hurt ’em to put a brother in an ad now and then? I counted (yeah, by the third day I was doing that) three black faces in ads. We are the most consumptive nation, and we need to start getting people (all people) outta cars, Fuck an AfricaBike, promote a Hunters Point bike!.

  7. So should we bail out those that didn’t bother to do the research into the fact that ARM actually stood for “Adjustable Rate Mortgage)? I pay my mortgage and my taxes on time…why am I gonna be held responsible for some other idiot?

    It’ll be interesting for sure…I’ve got a 2-liter of Coke and a pint of Sailor Jerry 92 proof rum…and I’ll take that duchy on the left-hand side when it comes around. Oh…and I love NASCAR, don’t denigrate NASCAR.

  8. Just watched the guy at the Kwiki Mart across from the shop change the sign from $3.19 a gallon to $3.29. …and gas in TN is cheap. Am I laughing because it’s funny, or cuz we’re fucked? I think it’s funny.

    The only good that ever came from NASCAR is hot chicks taking thier shirts off, and you can get that in New Orleans for free. I’ll bring my own glass for the rum.

  9. …jezus, that dude who spurlocked himself ain’t gonna last long goin’ in that direction…when i say “one sick dude” i mean that literally…

    …back when there was no money in it, i spent a summer managing some decent bike racers or as i refer to it “playing mother hen to a bunch of dilettantes” through a series of races in the western states…coupla my guys were good, a state track championship, some road wins…one chap had raced pan-am games & olympics & he was the most humble, i guess because he knew where he stood on a world stage…
    …the guys who dropped outta races & made excuses about it were the loudest & hardest to work w/…

    …& if i can join you gents up on that hill, well, you’ll recognize me as the one dragging my barca-lounge-recumbo-trainer up to the top…figured i could do some beer induced, slow pedalin’ “watch the world go to shit” easy ass trainin’…while we discuss how to make it all mo’ betta…& yes, there will be a discussion beyond politics regarding the sorry ass state of nascar racing…

    …just sayin’…see ya up there…

  10. Pass the dutchy on the left, turn left, turn left, turn left…repeat. Yeah, I think I see a correlation. Better yet, how ’bout ride yer bike with yer friends and pass the dutchy while trackstanding. Way better.

  11. Did Kunstler really say he doubts the Republican Party will survive? I agree with alot of what he says but some of it makes me wonder what planet he’s living on. Also, I think whether health care or the recent “impoverishment” of the white middle class is your number one issue likely depends on whether you were previously impoverished and have sick kids, or whether you’re middle class with a full-time permanent job and have a declining standard of living.

    Anyway, riding bikes sure doesn’t hurt, and I imagine that those of us in the US who ride will be far better situated than most to transport ourselves around and survive in the post-US-decline world. And, even if cyling won’t save ‘life in the USA as we know it’, it’s a great way to deal with the stress of watching everything go to hell in a handbasket. Get ready to ride, there’s an Apocalypse coming!

  12. The stuff that dude has posted on groceryeats is the best type of fuel for endurance athletes who don’t feel the need to dope or take fake dope in the form of supplements to go along with their diet of rabbit food: lettuce, soy beans and pasta.

    Damn. I just ate breakfast, but started drooling again..