Enjoy your dinner…

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It’s been so long since i’ve posted i’m surprised the site remembered me. My bad.

After enough beverages, i wanted to share this “morsel” from the NYTimes:

Mr. McCain traveled from Dallas to the White House for a hot dog lunch alone with President Bush in a private dining room off of the Oval Office.

You are what you eat. Glad those boys are putting the staff at the White House Kitchen to good use. I can hear it now: “And would you like that wiener fried or steamed, sir? Ah, very good, fried it is. Mustard?”

Couldn’t have found a limp-dick in Texas, eh, McCain? Had to come to Bush for that, straight away.

I’m an Obama-child. But dammit, I’ll take Larry, Moe and Curly over this ridiculous shit.

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3 Replies to “Enjoy your dinner…”

  1. In a tell-all book (yeah, right), the former White-House chef to both Bill and George W. has revealed that W likes his hot dogs steamed (like at the ball park where his team played), not grilled or fried.

    Bill actually made the chef cook Fried Bologna Tra-La-La’s (whatever the hell those are). Great resume’ material, chef.


  2. I wonder if BO or HC will stop funding Columbia. On July 13, 2000 U.S. President Bill Clinton signed Public Law 106-246, which included $1.3 billion in aid to Colombia. Their military is not trustworthy enough to be receiving this kind of funding.