RideClean Project

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A request for your help…

Celebrating ….Clean Sport!

RideClean is asking cycling clubs to be part of a coalition celebrating Clean Sport by lending a club jersey to help create a tapestry that will be displayed at Arizona State University April 8th during our open forum for athletes. This meeting will be attended by members of the medical community, the student community, and the athletic community, as well as local media.

Your jersey will not be damaged, and RideClean will return it within 3 business days. Used jerseys are perfectly acceptable, as is “last year’s” jersey. We are trying to create a backdrop of solidarity from which the viewing public will see that we are serious about cleaning up our sport.

Please help make a statement to our community that we are united as teams with a common goal.

For more information on RideClean see www.rideclean.net

Please send your jersey – sooner the better so we have time to create this tapestry!

Please send your jersey to:

RideClean c/o
Janet Itsell
P. O. Box 17802
Fountain Hills, AZ 85269

Please include your return address so we can return promptly!

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One Reply to “RideClean Project”

  1. Does that include clubs that can’t by the nature of the bikes they espouse, participate in most competetive cycling events? I have a very colorful RBENT jersey that you could use.