DiLuca to ask Bruyneel for barista position

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Anti-doping officials at the Italian Olympic Committee (Coni) requested Wednesday that Tour of Italy champion Danilo Di Luca be banned for two years after an abnormal doping test.

The abnormal result was returned after the 17th stage of the Giro from Linz in Austria to Monte Zoncolan on May 30. Check it: afp.google.com

Stick a fork in him. He’s done.

“Anti-doping prosecutors have requested that the cyclist Danilo Di Luca be brought before a judge to answer accusations of doping, with reference to an abnormal result,” said a CONI statement.

CONI officials asked for the two-year ban in referring to article 2.2 of the World Anti-doping Code concerning the use or attempted use of banned substances or methods.

Last year Di Luca received a three-month suspension for alleged links to controversial Italian doctor Carlo Santuccione, who is the center of an investigation dubbed “Oils for Drugs,” which dates back to 2003. In December, Di Luca took his appeal against that suspension to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Wednesday’s recommendation is not connected with the earlier suspension. Instead, CONI has recommended a two-year ban, not for a positive drug test, but for abnormal hormone readings which are an indication of — but not direct proof of — the use of performance-enhancing substances. Check it: velonews.com

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9 Replies to “DiLuca to ask Bruyneel for barista position”

  1. It’s a thin case, but now that riders are pulled from races just for being under investigation it doesn’t matter. CONI will probably be able to drag this thing out for at least a year and a half.

  2. Last week I heard rumors that team Slipstream was dumping some sort of suspicious vials behind the capitol building. I think someone should investigate.

  3. Shit…and I thought Di Luca was one of the good guys…his victory in the Giro did come as a surprise but as dd says, it was exciting!

    LMAO KG!!

  4. …so, what exactly is fair pay w/ in the the ranks of “little people” porn (i’m being politically correct here, so when i die, that’s not the only porn i’ll get to watch…you guys gotta work out this karma shit for yer selves)…

    …is it a sliding scale, dollars X inches, on a pro-rate based on overall inches & if so, are the inches measured vertically or horizontally ???…

    …see what happens ???…ya start out talking about di luca & doping & the next thing ya know, ya got real world questions & no answers…

    …just sayin’…