Biker Down: Sandy Johnston

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Fircrest police were looking Monday for driver who hit a bicyclist and then apparently stopped to drag the unconscious woman to the side of the road before leaving the scene.

Sandy Johnston, 66, of University Place, was hit about 5:30 a.m. Sunday as she was pedaling through the intersection of Ramsdell Street and Contra Costa Avenue, according to Sgt. Ed Troyer with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

Found 10 minutes later by a jogger who called 911, Johnston was taken to Tacoma General Hospital with multiple fractures and cuts, according to her daughter Valerie Johnston, also from University Place.

Troyer said that the driver was westbound on Ramsdell Street and went through a stop sign, hitting Johnson, who was southbound on Contra Costa Avenue.

Based on car parts found at the scene, Troyer said investigators believe they are looking for a maroon Mercedes-Benz. He said they hope to pin down the year of the car with further examination of the parts.

Troyer said the evidence at the scene indicates the driver stopped and dragged both Johnston and her bicycle to the side of the street road and then left her lying there.

…A blood trail on the street showed where her mother had been dragged, she said. Paramedics told her that they found her mother unconscious when they arrived.

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26 Replies to “Biker Down: Sandy Johnston”

  1. wow. what a great guy. drug this poor woman to the curb & left her to die. ass rape this fucker with a barb wire dildo then set him on fire. leave him to die while we stand around & roast hot dogs from his burning corpse.

  2. Then they’d taste like well-roasted douchebag though. I’d rather let the cycling community go to town on him with some U-locks. Then do the same to his fucking car.

    Im guessing he was drunk, but now there will be no way to tell. Goddamnit I hate cars sometimes.

  3. One of these days one of us will be lucky enough to roll up on some cocksucker doing something like this. “don’t wanna call the cops? Cool, we don’t either…”

  4. Please let this fucker get acquitted so that some good ol’ fashioned justice can be served. I was thinking something along the lines of two bullets to the knees and left about 100 miles into the desert….

  5. So the asshat was an 18 YO girl, does that make it less of an asshat? Has the crime been diminished in any way because the perp was a (possibly) pretty girl? Let’s review: Assault with a deadly weapon, hmmm last I checked being a young woman was not a mitigating factor. Tampering with evidence and obstructing justice, nope, no free pass for pretty girls. Leaving the scene of a wreck and failing to render aid was still a totally serious crime even for pretty girls.

    Hang, draw, and quarter her, then use the remains as a latrine. She deserves no better.

    And Yes Dawggammit, I’m bitter and vindictive, and a victim of a vehicular assault and hit and run. Also a victim of tampering with evidence, interfering with a police investigation, and obstruction of justice. I can’t do anything about the asshats that reamed me, but I can advocate for the victims of similar crimes.


  6. so she IS a cocksucker. huh? who-da-known? All that did was add another hole to shove that dildo in. Almost like winnin’ the lottery.

  7. Is sterilization out of the question?

    Better yet, get her pregnant, get her kid to ride a bike, then have some asshat run IT over, see how she likes it.

    Revenge is a stew best served cold, my friends.

    Fuck that girl.

    Id like to see if there are phone records of her calling home right after and NOT calling 911. “Mom, Dad? I just ran ofer some biker and i dont know what to do…”

    Fuck fuck fuck.

  8. “Investigators have an idea of who that was, Troyer said. Once the investigation is finished, the case will be sent to prosecutors, who will determine whether charges will be filed.”

    Read that last line again.

    “who will determine whether charges will be filed.”

    WHETHER. Not WHAT charges; not HOW SEVERE the charges WILL BE but WHETHER.

    ANY cyclist who lives in that area better be making a HELLUVA LOT OF NOISE over this.


    Fuck. If she gets off with probation or less I’m coming over there and bludgeoning her with a steel pipe.

  9. Guys-

    What sort of… beast… could run down another person, drag them out of the way and leave? Shit like this is deeply disturbing, there’s an inconceivable lack of humanity there. We seem to be raising a generation of monsters…?


  10. I say we get hold of that little cunt, tie her to the back of a few bikes, drag her down the street while others play bike polo with her head. Oh yea- then after that we pee on what’s left of her head…grrrr that kind of shit pisses me off.

  11. As much as this story sickens me and yes I’ve been sent to the hospital by a motorist who did the right thing and stuck around until I was loaded into the ambulance, I can’t agree with an article stating our current administration is fucked and has ruined our international standing and then turn around and say this girl should be punished in a way the Spaniards would deem harsh during the Inquisition. I DO hope however the judge and jury aren’t swayed by the sight of a weeping girl who “has her whole life in front of her” and give her some bullshit penalty. Throw the book at her and any driver who has assaulted a cyclist to get the message out that we aren’t second class citizens. This girl should NEVER drive a car legally again, let’s see how much she enjoys the rest of her life either pedaling a bike or riding the bus while her friends are in cars hopefully not driving like douches.

  12. I’m just having trouble with visions of violent revenge against a woman. I’m sure plenty of folks would enjoy it just a little too much. She would probably get off anyway: no witnesses, a “girl”, a good lawyer, etc.

  13. LOTS of Jail, fines, and no more drivers license for the little Mercedes driving princess. If she did the right thing, I could see going easy on her, but dragging someone’s wife/mother to the side of the road and leaving her for dead after running her over is absolutely contemptible. When she gets out of jail, she should have to ride a 20 year old Huffy with no seat everywhere she goes for the rest of her life.

  14. Thank goodness nothing awful (that I can recall) ever happened when I was eff-ed out of my gourd from ages 14-21. It was all dumb luck. How many people could I have killed in the wee hours of the morning? I’ll bet I’m not the only one in this forum that wasn’t an angel. At 5:30am how many of us would have even recalled what we did, or how we got home? Am I the only one that ever blacked-out? I, my passengers, other drivers, white-tailed deer, cyclists, etc. were damn lucky. I always try to remember that when I catch myself judging others. An older person should know better. I always new that what I was doing was wrong, so it was easy to quit when I got caught. When she answers, “I don’t recall hitting that cyclist.”, she may be telling the truth. Drunk cyclist readers probably aren’t all saints.

  15. OK I withdraw my request to hang, draw, and quarter the “young lady” and defile the corpse. I just want her punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    That better?

    Life without parole would be much worse than getting hanged, drawn and quartered, and defecating on a corpse doesn’t “do” anything for me unless the person that used to be inhabiting the corpse has done me personal harm.

    But my anger at her actions won’t be softened… Just the lust for vengance.


  16. Seattle Steve,

    most of us “may” be guilty of driving while not completely in control of our facilities, but I never drug a body off the road and then drove off and if I had then I would have expected the full wrath to come down upon me. this 18yo girl deserves full prosecution.

  17. I hope Sandy recovers.

    I also hope Little Miss Drag-off-Drive-Away suffers.

    Here’s a +1 to reject conformity-

    It takes a special kind of sickness to run from a situation like that.

  18. Well Steve, when I catch myself judging others for drunk driving, I remember of all the long, cold walks home on the nights I knew I had no business behind the wheel. Being young is not an excuse.

  19. Fuck drunk drivers. Ride your bike, or walk, or stay on the couch. But don’t fucking drive.

  20. I’ll reiterate that some of us could have done something just as insane during some blacked-out night that may have started with grabbing some PBR out of a Quiki-Mart beer cooler. That would have been over a score ago for me.

  21. I have never operated any vehicle under the influence of alcohol, but I did ride my bike while impaired by an allergy attack once and get pulled over. But as the officer asked for “licence, registration, and proof of insurance” I replied “I don’t have any of that, I’m riding a bicycle.” You should have seen his face! BTW I was pulled over at night after a 130 mile day on the bike that broke down over 30 miles from home and left me with 3 gears out of 27 working, all too low for flat cruising and too high for any of the hills on the way home. I was beat…

  22. I’ve drunk some alcohol in my time and only had the pleasure of blacking out maybe twice. As I recall I was FUCKED UP. I don’t think I would have the mental capacity to drag someone off the road after I hit them with my car. I don’t think I could have even driven a car. In fact I could barely walk. I think that she couldn’t of been that drunk to think about the consequences of being DUI or hitting someone. Anyway, if she drug someone into a ditch while being blacked out say more about her personality? I mean doesn’t her subconscience or something take over?