Let’s get all wound up for the weekend.

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When you’re out drinking and carrying-on this weekend, here are a few things to get into a thick discussion (or heavy fight; your choice…) over a beer or thirteen.


Nuff said.

Then there is perennial D.C. favorite shitbag Ann Coulter.

Boggles. The. Mind. I mean, really. Either she realizes that Bush was the worst president we have ever had (and hopefully will for many many years…) and is throwing her weight behind Clinton…

I just threw up a little bit…

Honestly, Maybe it’s because she knows Clinton is corporate-owned and won’t change the status-quo. That way when she gets elected, she can keep up her anti-Dem (and more specifically anti-Clinton) rant for as long as someone is willing to cut her a check.

The other more heinous reason is, Mann Coulter is going to switch sides, if Clinton is elected. Think about THAT for a second. Her Dem/Liberal-bashing schtick is almost run its course. What better way to stay in the game than to exchange Dem/Liberal for Sexist/Republican/Conservative with a hard-headed, power-hungry woman in charge. Suddenly Ann is not only back in the game, she is leading the pack, but this time her vitriol is ‘just’.

Makes me sick to my stomach to think about it. Me? I think she’s insane and irrelevant. Which makes it all the more sad for Alan Colmes. (Interesting that they have the same initials though.)

One last link to get your gut churning. Just read a few of the linked articles and then… you know… talk amongst yourselves.


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31 Replies to “Let’s get all wound up for the weekend.”

  1. “Honestly, Maybe it’s because she knows Clinton is corporate-owned and won’t change the status-quo.”

    I hope you’re not suggesting Obama isn’t. You’re fooling yourself if you do. Where do you think that 32 million came from?

  2. WHAT 32 million? And no, Im not suggesting it, but since you brought it up, I doubt he is as deeply indebted as Clinton is and would be.

    I was an Edwards man, but now that he quit, Im going to drink till it’s over.

  3. Let me say I hope Obama wins. It would do those old white guy some good to have a young black man telling them what to do!

  4. I’ll say this now before he qualifies and gets secret service protection….if Nader runs I will start to recruit and equip people with large broken bottles to stick in his neck…I know all the math majors can “prove” he didn’t split the vote before, but you’ll never convince me. “I’m a black guy with a broken bottle and I endorse this threat”

  5. Tedbike3000,

    OK. Nader made a legit run for Prez in 2000.

    Now your blaming him for everything that has happened since he lost ?

    Two words.

    Fuck you.

    PS: I don’t like Nader either, but the last 7 years of GWB’s deviant leadership ain’t his fault.

  6. If your candidate can’t win the election because some whack-job like Nader takes votes from your party then I guess your party’s candidate wasn’t all that great. Please God let Nader AND Bloomberg get in this race…

  7. It’s more that people didn’t vote FOR Bush as they voted AGAINST the guy who was in office. Some people hated Clinton so much, they voted against Gore, just out of spite or whatever.
    Nader took enough votes away from a potentially great president that it caused us to have this shit-presidency for the last 8 years. I bet if you look at the votes he took from Gore, it would be around the same as the nuts who endorse Ron Paul on the R side this time around.
    Im guessing it is young first-time voters who really think someone like him can and will make the difference they want to see.

    Remember what the hippies used to say…

    Never trust anyone over 30.

    You see anyone under 50 running? Clinton is fucking 60, fer fucks’ sake.

    1 am and I need a drink and a bed.

  8. first of all, in the ’00 and ’04 elections, barely over 50% of the eligible voters in the u.s. voted, so don’t blame nader, blame the couch patriots….. secondly, it has been widely documented that in both elections there was massive fraud…. and as a black guy (or any guy for that matter) with a broken bottle you should know better than to be playing with sharp objects, but if you insist and persist, you should aim the pointy bits at kathryn harris in fla and your bro- ken blackwell in ohio since they are the ones that helped to engineer the the MASSIVE voter disfranchisement in both the black and hispanic communities in those states- fla in ’00 and ohio in ’04-…. inspite of what you were told- it was not a hanging chad that did gore in…… in just one example- again documented- over 8000 black and hispanic eligible voters in florida were purged from the voter roles because their names were the same – OR SIMILAR TO- names on a list of convicted felons FROM TEXAS that a company from texas who had been brought in to “clean up” the voter lists used to do the job…… and that was only a fraction of the more than 80,000 black and hispanic voters who were purged there….. g.w. dickhead “won” florida by 535 votes………………… yo….not nader’s fault…………>p

  9. How about blaming Gore for not being able to win either Arkansas (which Clinton carried) or Tennessee, his home state, or for not winning an election that was FUCKING HANDED TO HIM ON A SILVER PLATTER.

  10. um… we have the great, and wonderful electoral college system. it didn’t matter a tin shit who voted for who. Many states give their Electoral votes to the popular winner, but many don’t

  11. >>um… we have the great, and wonderful electoral college system. it didn’t matter a tin shit who >>voted for who. Many states give their Electoral votes to the popular winner, but many don’t

    Everybody plays by the same system, electoral college stays. Gore didn’t even win his home state.
    8000 voters didn’t get counted, cry me a f-ing river. There have been massive problems with every election in this country since we started voting 200+ yrs ago. You only cry when it didn’t work out in your favor. You couldn’t beat a hick from Texas when every liberal pansy news service was vilifying Bush and there was even a major motion picture in the theaters doing the same for you. If maybe more of you liberal pansies would have put down the hippy lettuce and actually voted…. If Mr. I invented the internet Gore was SOOOOO much better, then why didn’t he win? That’s right, because more people (according to the electoral college, which IS the way we elect our presidents) wanted that hick than the emotionless stick man Gore. Get over it. It was almost 4 yrs ago. Do you still complain to your hippy lettuce dealer for the bad weed he sold you back in 1999?

  12. reject,
    Gore was boring, but I’ll quit bitching about how they stole the election when Christians stop bitching about how Jesus died for my sins 2000 years ago. Fuck off. Do you even understand the electoral college or what happened in 2000?

  13. el jefe,

    Who said anything about Christians? No need to stoop to vulgar language in stating your point.

    Now, Yes I understand the Electoral College very well. And I stick by my earlier post. The popular vote is not the deciding factor. We have a system and this system is what we use to elect our president. If the system is so bad why hasn’t it been changed? The Democrats control congress and could propose legislation, Bush would veto the bill, but if some many people are upset by it why can’t the Senate get the 60%? Because it is a game, we are all playing it, and those that lose in the game cry, which ever side that is.

    I understand that the Democrats feel that they got cheated out of the presidency, but all that means is that they didn’t play the game. In every organized system in this country there is a spoken and unspoken way of playing the game. Even in cycling. Those that get beat by dopers cry and dopers that get beat by dopers learn to play the game better. In a utopian society everything would be above board and fair, but this is real life. There is alot at stake. If people are stupid enough to cheat at bicycle racing, what do you think someone running for president is willing to do?

    November is coming up fast, are you even registered to vote? Do you vote? If you think that your vote “doesn’t count” so why vote, then you are part of the problem, not the solution.

  14. I meant to type>>> personal attacks via vulgar language in stating your point.

  15. >>for not winning an election that was FUCKING HANDED TO HIM ON A SILVER PLATTER.

    actually, if you were paying attention, which you weren’t ( pay no attention to that man behind the curtain) the election was not handed to him on any platter, it was taken from him by diebold and the supreme court…. as far as exercising our supposed right to suffrage in “free and fair elections”,we might best have spent our time otherwise happily at home , cultivating our hippie lettuce and playing with our imaginary friends in jeebus camp…. you can believe anything you want ….because georgie b does…. you can take the red pill or the blue pill…. you can take the blue pill and wake up tomorrow like nothing has changed, but if you choose the red pill you get to see how deep the rabbit hole goes…..morpheus said something like that….nap time…..>p

  16. reject,
    If you’ve been here for more than 32 seconds, you’d know that I’ve been involved in nearly every political discussion on this board in the past year, and you’d know who I am going to vote for and why.

    My flippant remark was not an attack on you or other christians, but a response to what is often a conservative statement of “get over it, it was a long time ago.” It doesn’t matter, it was still a stolen election. Electoral college or not. Gore was a boring doofus. But, look at Florida: the state supreme court where Bush’s brother is governor decided the election, where Kathryn Harris was running the fraudulent recounts, where Diebold controlled the voting machines, with no paper trail. I hope (foolishly I know) that someday the truth will come out.

    Changing the Electoral College system would take a constitutional amendment, which almost happened in 1969/70 after Nixon won the Electoral College and lost the popular vote. It should be changed, as should the caucus system some states use. Just because it hasn’t been changed doesn’t mean it isn’t broken.

    Even so, I don’t believe Nader lost the election for Gore. He got about 2-3% of the vote. I blame the over 10% of Democrats in Florida who voted for BushCo. I wish he’d go away, but I don’t blame him.

  17. >>I hope (foolishly I know) that someday the truth will come out.

    the problem with the truth is that we are constantly being reminded that if it flies in the face of what someone wants to believe, regardless of what they know, then isn’t true….. most recently we had the cia come out with their intelligence report on the iranian nuclear weapons program stating that it was history, nada, done….bush comes out the next day saying that he “believes” they are still at it…. echoes of iraq wmd… there was the downing street memo thing that came out about that… no one listened…. back in ’06 robert kennedy jr. wrote an extensive report in rolling stone about the stolen election…
    a few people listened
    there are films- hacking democracy, american blackout, invisible ballots, uncounted …..that all document how ’04 and ’00 were stolen….. and then there was the nh primary….. the truth is out there… i’m not willing to get over it……>p

  18. Clean Air Act,Safe Drinking Water Act,Freedom of Information Act,Environmental Protection Agency,Occupational Safety and Health Administration,Consumer Product Safety Commission.Seat belts.Air bags.Rejection of Nuclear power.All Nader’s babies, along with dozens of consumer based issues and non profits including Congress Watch.Haters,fight the real enemy.

  19. Oh, reject, pot kettle black. The “cry me a f-ing river” quip wasn’t dismissive in any way was it? Just because things have been corrupt doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to make them less corrupt.

  20. why shouldn’t he? haven’t you had enough bendovercrats? thats working out real good. whats more, the DNC pulled the same underhanded party – above – integrity shit on Nader that they bitch repugs do. is that who you want to hitch your wagon to?

  21. Man I love reject post up there at 6:37. Great exmaple of American universalism; We are more equal than others. The irony is deep. He comes in calling names above “pansy liberals” etc and then takes offense when a f bomb and an insult of chrisianity is thrown his (her?) way.
    He (she?) goes on to imply that the dems didn’t win the last 2 general election because they didn’t cheat well enough. At the same time implying that we should go vote because it counts.

    Is it just me or does anyone see the irony here?

  22. Why shouldn’t Nader run? Because I think he can do more good not being president. His runs for president have been to massage his ego. A near universal affliction for everyone who has ever run, but it detracts from the work he can do outside of the political arena. His reputation detracts from his ability to get things done, and he can actually have more influence on policy if he’d stay out of it. Hell, he has already had a large influence on policy. It’s something that Carter, Clinton, and Gore have all said. Clinton has apparently forgotten about it.

  23. i don’t get any of your points.nader’s ego,blah blah blah zzzzzzzz.so what?its nonsensical spin.you think Buddha wants the job?and fuck ‘reputation’,which is just media driven group think.his RECORD is a proven one of social activism and justice before personal gain,which would seem to be the opposite of egotistical behavior. what politician even remotely approaches his public advocacy?if thats egotism,he’s earned it but i’d call it strength of intelligent,rational conviction. its a good chance either you or someone close to you would be crippled or dead without seatbelts,airbags or industry standards he’s proposed,no exaggeration. he knows the law inside out,political procedures,is right on issues and isn’t owned by special interests.whats he got to do,rock it baptist preacher-style while making vague,indefinite inspirational speeches like the o bomb?