Biker Down: Enaitz Iriondo Update

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I call this good news:

A Spanish businessman withdrew a controversial lawsuit Wednesday against the family of a teenage boy he struck and killed while driving a luxury car.

Tomas Delgado had filed a suit asking the dead boy’s parents to pay him €20,000 ($29,400) on the grounds that the collision that killed their teenage son also damaged his Audi A-8.

News of the case sparked outrage in Spain and generated deep sympathy for the parents of 17-year-old Enaitz Iriondo Trinidad. He was riding his bicycle home to a campground when Delgado’s car hit and killed him in August 2004.

Hundreds of people descended on a courthouse in northern Spain in a show of support for the boy’s parents Wednesday. They broke into applause when word came that Delgado had dropped the suit.

The businessman had insisted in a recent television interview that he was a victim, too. He was not present for a court hearing Wednesday. His lawyer told the court that Delgado felt that the extensive publicity amounted to a public lynching.

Outside the courthouse, the boy’s father — Antonio Iriondo — told CNN he was content with the decision. Yet he also said his family will explore the possibility of criminal charges against the man.

“This is just the beginning,” the father said.

His son was killed as he cycled back from a nearby village to a campground where his family was vacationing.

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10 Replies to “Biker Down: Enaitz Iriondo Update”

  1. “A local prosecutor told reporters that he would take a second look at the case to see whether authorities can file fresh charges against Delgado.”

    I sincerely hope that they are successful in punishing this guy.

  2. I was thinking that in a perfect world someone would sue Tomas Delgado for the damage he did to their shoes with his broken teeth.

  3. You guys know he has been getting death threats by the boxcarload since this became public. I just advocate for beating his car with heavy metal objects until it resembles a sack of walnuts. He’s more worried about his car htan human life, go for what really hurts then. Destroy his precious car.


  4. Tools Needed:
    Zip ties
    dermatone scalpels
    strategically placed mirrors
    wood chipper
    Franchi SPAS12 shotgun
    Taser XREP rounds
    duct tape
    foam noise-cancelling earplugs

    1) Bind and gag Mr. Delgado’s immediate family.
    2) Tape over their eyes & plug up their ears.
    3) Repeat steps 1 & 2 to Mr. Delgado.
    4) Apply epidural to Mr. Delgado. Place mirrors so that Mr. Delgado can see his feet.
    5) place wood chipper at his feet so that Mr. Delgado’s family is in the wood chipper’s line of fire.
    6) Load shotgun with Taser XREP rounds.
    7) Remove duct tape from the eyes of Mr. Delgado’s family. Cut off their eyelids.
    8) Repeat step 7 on Mr. Delgado.
    9) Slowly feed Mr. Delgado’s feet to the wood chipper.
    10) After about a minute, Stop and fire off a few rounds at the genitals of any random member of Mr. Delgado’s family. Resume chipping, and have fun!