Dana Stubblefield, a three-time Pro Bowler, admits to using performance-enhancing drugs

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As far as I know this is the first real evidence that EPO, the scourge of cycling, is also used in the National Football League.

Notice I didn’t write “was”. I wrote “is”.

Dana Stubblefield, a former defensive lineman in the N.F.L., pleaded guilty in federal court here Friday to charges that he made false statements to a federal agent about his use of performance-enhancing drugs.

…In front of United States District Court Judge Susan Illston, Stubblefield admitted that he used the designer steroid THG, known as the clear, and EPO, a blood-boosting drug…

“I falsely made statements about EPO and the clear and falsely stated receiving the goods from Balco,” Stubblefield said as he stood in front of Illston.

Read more: www.nytimes.com

No word yet on the challenge to Bjarne Riis ‘s “Monsieur 60%” moniker. Odds on he keeps his title. We all know he earned it.

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7 Replies to “Dana Stubblefield, a three-time Pro Bowler, admits to using performance-enhancing drugs”

  1. The NFL runs on drugs anyway. Those guys are pumped full of painkillers, anti-inflammatories, cortisone, Soma, Flexeril, and whatever else the docs can prescribe. What’s the diff? LEGALITY? That’s just semantics. Brett Farve was hooked on legal Vicodin.

  2. Man! Doping is more pervasive than I thought. Bowlers are doping now… Next thing you know they’ll be catching the olympic curlers with HGH.

  3. I wonder if I could roll dutch 2hundies if I had epo. Fuck I should try that at the next rock & bowl. Show those high school kids what throwing a stone is really all about. Oh yeah speaking of dope and doping I went to the Worlds out here at the track. I got say that shit is intense, Keiren, 1km, and points are just insane.

  4. In case you haven’t pick up Game of Shadows. Surprise, surprise Mr. Stubblefield was in it along with a bunch of other Bay Area athletes including Barrett Robbins. Remember him the Raider who was bipolar. You think all the other shit he was doing courtesy of Vic Conte helped his mental status any?