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Glenmorangie, how do I love thee?

The biggest selling single malt in Scotland but from a small company. Glenmorangie (the Scots pronounce it to rhyme with “orangey”) made an early start: It has been available as a single since the 1920s.

The distillery is at Tain is in the county of Ross-shire, on the Morangie burn and overlooking the Dornoch Firth. The site housed a meal mill from the 1550s and a brewery from the 1820s, not to mention illicit distillation which went on in the area for most of that time. Certainly an estate inventory in 1703 mentions an ‘aquavitie Pott with it ffleake and stand’.

The water comes from the Tarlogie springs about a mile from the distillery, flows though lime and sandstone and is hard. Glenmorangie felt sufficiently strongly about protecting their interests in the spring that they bought up the square mile or so of land surrounding it, an area rich in heather and clover. Lightly-peated malt is used, and a house yeast. The stills are the tallest in Scotland at 5.13m/16ft 10.25in. A very narrow cut is taken.

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12 Replies to “Glenmorangie”

  1. Oh brother, the single they have with the Port wine cask finish is fantastic…. think I’ll have some for breakfast!

  2. The port finish is grand. I discovered it in my grandfather’s booze cabinet with my dad after my grandpa’s memorial service. As such, I associate it with the memory of a great man and it enhances the experience immeasurably.

  3. That 10yr is splendiferous, but lately I’m a The Glenlivet man. Been havin’ a sweet-tooth in the Scotch dept recently, but yes… I do love most anything with Glen- in the front.

  4. …this post is very esoteric & educational, but more so revealing of the kind of winter out big jonny’s way…

  5. Too bad they did not buy up the land father upstream…little did they know, there were gnomes pissing in the stream the entire time. Crazy…

  6. I heard gnome piss was an aphrodisiac in Ireland. Of course, they eat haggis too, so take that with a grain of salt.

  7. After a few drinks, I’m now realizing it’s Scotland. Dear lord, I need to drink more often.

  8. Angus walks into the Inverness pub where he spent much of his college days. Upon recognizing a dejected-looking Angus, the elderly publican says, “Angus! I’d nae recognize ye with such a dour look on yer face. What’s troubling ye?”

    Angus mutters back, “I’ve come back for a guest lecture at school. I’d thought that me old mates would be happy to see me. Ye know tha’ statue by the museum? I helped me pa move the marble. I helped him cut the wee bits out, and polish it off when he was done. Do they call me Angus the Stonecutter? Nae.

    “I placed well at the Highland Games for 5 years, but do they remember me as Angus, the champion at the Caber Toss? Nae.

    “I graduated with letters, and I spoke to me graduating class, but do they remember me as Angus, the Valedictorian? Nae.

    “But ye fuck ONE SHEEP, and guess what they call me!”