Barack Obama takes Iowa.

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Well, I’ll be damned. Barack Obama’s Iowa Caucus Victory Speech below:

Read more at TPM: Obama, Huckabee Sweep to Iowa Victories, New Front-Runners in 2008 Presidential Campaign

We can talk about Huckabee’s big win after being totally and completely outspent by Romney (I’ve heard ten to one!), Romney then folding like a lawn chair, Hillary gett’n bitch slapped down to third and all that later. Right now I’m overwhelmed by Barack Obama.

And, to be honest, a bit hopeful.

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31 Replies to “Barack Obama takes Iowa.”

  1. Me too. I think it’s hard to poll in Iowa and I really wasn’t sure who would win but I am very pleased with Obama’s victory.

  2. If it’s Obama in the end, he’ll be my pick. the biggest problem is that he is too ready to ‘reach across the aisle’ to the republicans. I’d like to see the Republicans get a time-out. Let’s say 2 years where they are as impotent as a Vegas boxing comissioner. Let them feel the stig of being sidelined like they did to the dems for the last 16 years.

    Then invite them to play along. Don’t give me all this feel-good crap about getting along and playing fair and crap. I want a bit of revenge for shitting on the Constitution and ignoring Bush.

    But I’ll support him if he’s the pick come Super Tuesday.

  3. I am afraid there are too many racists out there for Obama to win. more republican rule. Also, I think Edwards is the only one with decent plans to change healthcare in this country.

  4. Hillary isn’t electable. The far right is salivating over the chance to crucify her for six months. We’ll here lots about that here.

    Obama, ok, mebbe- Edwards, same.

    I know it’s out there, but my fave is Richardson, cuz he’s the only one with the foreign policy chops to help right the ship internationally. He’s actually the only person in the US that the N Koreans trust. They’ve called him up from time-to-time to ask him to explain what the hell GWB is up to.

  5. I’d like to see an Obama/Richardson ticket. Richardson at least needs to be Secretary of State in whatever administration there is. The right will spread lies about whomever the Democrat nominee is, but with Hillary, those lies are likely to be a bit closer to the truth. They’ve had much more time to dig stuff up, and they’ve been chomping at the bit to destroy her for a long time.

    I’m really glad that Guiliani, Paul, and Thompson imploded. Yeah, Thomson got third, but was over 10 points behind Huckabee and Romney, and in the group of also-rans.

    Two things that I find interesting about yesterday’s results:
    1. The Democratic caucus was double the size of the Republican. If that keeps up, even their vote rigging won’t matter.

    2. The Republican establishment doesn’t like that Huckabee won. Even as a theo-con, he’s not all that conservative and the neo-cons and corporo-cons don’t like that. Theo-cons are just supposed to be their bitches. They don’t like that Romney came in second either. Although he’s been cow-towing and flip-flopping to get the neo and corporo-con support, he’s not that conservative, and the way he balanced the state budget was closing corporate loopholes. It’s fine to screw people on taxes, but don’t dare screw corporations…

    If you look at the top two from each party last night (Obama, Edwards, Huckabee, & Romney), the one thing I will say is that at least none of them are complete dumbfucks or satanspawn evil (although I’m still a bit iffy on Romney as far as evil goes). I think that electing a Republican would be a mistake, and I really don’t like the idea of a former preacher (from any party) being president, but I don’t think they they will purposely drive the country in to ruin, as our current administration is trying to do.

  6. Bikepunk, i would love to see a little time in the Penalty Box for the Republicans, but that would divide this country even more. We’re kinda shit outta luck, the tide has turned, and will continue to swing in the liberal favor, until it swings back, as it always does…
    I think it’s a bit harsh, but in a perfect world, we might even have a 3rd party. hmmmmm.
    It all starts with REAL election finance refrom, not this McCain Finegold Crap.
    Everyone who can produce x amount of signatures gets the same amount of dollars. That’s it. The money comes from the state, no Corp.’s in the elections anymore. Even the playing field, completely. Even the Dem’s won’t go for that b/c they get their money from the Corps and the Unions too (I’m in a Union btw)
    It sucks, but that’s the sad state of affairs in this country.

  7. I ride the fence, politically, but the Republican’ts are really starting to frighten me, and I don’t scare easy. The fact that the Chair of the RNC is a 60+ year old white man is very telling.
    An Obama/Edwards ticket scares the shit out of the Republicans. I know this for a fact. The Reps aren’t even worried about Hillary, as she’ll implode. Bill Richardson as the SofS is a DAMN good idea.

    It’s time for some younger blood, be it experienced or not.

  8. Obama is the Dem I find least objectionable, and I wouldn’t vote for any of the Reuglicans without a hazMat suit and a forced air breather with the intake in Canada. All said the Dems are the lesser of the 2 evils but voting for them is still voting for evil…


  9. Obama is awesome, read his book, like what I read. Don’t agree with everything he says, but like that he is different, that he is not a lifer politician, and what he stands for. Hillary is un-electable and her nomination will assure a republican in office. Obama is the only shot. Either way, I just want an intelligent, eloquent leader that our country can be proud of. I am sick of bi-partisanship bullshit politics. Anyone that votes by party and not off issue is an idiot and should move to China.And fuck any leader that is about speaking from the pulpit. Separation of church and state bitches… if you see a bum on the corner talking to God, he is viewed as a loon. Why should our leader be any different?

  10. Mostly, what I want to see in my primary candidates is their bona fides. When the winner of the Democratic primary says “we need to reach across the aisle,” I think, “fuck, well, so much for change.” Primaries are about the base, and if the candidates idea of working the base is to talk about his willingness to compromise, well, then I guess we progressives really are screwed. What I heard from Obama last night and today was simply this, “here’s what I’m gonna do for you, I’m gonna fight hard to come to a compromise.” Not stirring, not stirring at all.

  11. Wait, what’s going on..
    He’s educated, young, healthy, charismatic, wise, knows his shit backwards, and has paid some dues. Guy’s a rock star and people love him. Talk about the other side of the coin.
    Regardless of going all the way or not, dude’s going to get some people riled up and generate some fuckin’ noise! Right on!

  12. I’m stickin’ with my man Ron. Yeah, yeah, he hasn’t got a chance in hell, but I’m stickin’ with him anyways.

  13. …obama does have a lot going for him, so i hope all of his talk about compromise is simply to make the ‘other side’ feel comfortable…hell, he’s smart enough to realize there are a lotta disenchanted repuglicans & that he may as well start trying to sway them now…

    …i think a lotta the gop are looking around somewhat warily & realizing that once again, they’re about to be represented by any number of smiley-faced back-stabbers…that gift horse might just get looked in the mouth this time, after the present administrative debacle…

    …this is a memorable nomination, what w/ having both a valid black candidate & a valid woman candidate (shaddup, or you wanna sleep on the couch ’til this is decided)…anything less than two terms of bushco & these choices might scare off a lot of mainstream americans…but now, the timing could be right & even politics can be a case of right time, right place…

    …originally i thought obama might be too young (read inexperienced) this time around but maybe not…it’s certainly time for a serious change…so this could be the ticket, literally…

  14. In response to the whole “Less Experienced” Let’s look at some things…

    Being First Lady does not make you more experienced. That is like saying “I fucked a women’s olympic medal winning swimmer; so I won a gold medal too.”

    Experience by association? No. Does not count.

    Ms. Clinton has been in office since Jan 3. 2001
    Mr. Obama has been in office since Jan3, 2005.

    (but here’s the gotcha…)

    He served on the State Senate of Illinois from 1997-2004 so In my book of experience, he has about 4 more years experience in government that Hillary. And yes, I mean it.

    Just because Monica Lewinski got a bit of baby-batter on/in her does not mean she is qualified to run for Congress. Same goes for Frau Clinton.

    Obama can really give a good speech, I’ll give him that. But I really don’t want compromise right off. I really want the Republicans to get a taste of their own shitty medicine.

  15. Do we really think that a Black Man with with a faith we claim to fight be elected in America? I am “hopeful” like BJ. But an Eagles Fan is is “Hopeful”.

    He has my vote.

    This is America and this is a test for Americans.

    How will he do in the South in November against a Born Again Christain

  16. Barack Obama is NOT a Muslim. That is a lie started by Insight magazine and repeated by Fox News people (Bill O?, John Gibson?) He is has been going to the United Church of Christ since the 80’s (before his political career started). He attended a Catholic private school and public school in Indonesia.

    It IS an example of the type of lie that the right will use to smear anyone whom they don’t like. It is convenient for Fox that BushCo has been telling us to be scared of brown people with funny names from the middle east for the past 7 years, it makes it easy for people who they are targeting to believe the lie. They don’t have a shred of evidence, but since he’s black and has a funny name it makes it easy to believe he’s Muslim.

  17. Just so everyone doesn’t get their knickers in a twist about my comments…I am not a registered Republican or Democrat for that matter.

    Here’s the big problem with the Democrats, they are so afraid to be labeled bigoted that they will vote in a way that they won’t appear as such. If they don’t like Clinton they vote for Obama, if they don’t like Obama they vote for Hilary. In either case they are voting for a minority and it makes them feel good.

    The one thing they won’t do is vote for Edwards, a white male, because it would make them look anti-minority, even if they did feel he had the best platform.

    In the end it is all going to come down to swinging independents and disgruntled Republicans. While Clinton and Obama appeal to the hard core Democrats, will they have the ability to pull other than Democrats in the Presidential election?

    The Democrats need to look past the primaries to what is the real goal of this election, the White House, and put forward a candidate that can get them there.

  18. Hey moron, you just used wiki to prove your point. Idiots such as you can post crap on this site and thats why schools across the nation do not consider this a credible resource. Just like all the other crap you post.

  19. I have no clue what the Republicans are doing with their ticket. Who are these guys. Thompson looks as old as my catchers mit. McCocksucker is just that but older

    Same question, do we think a balck man or white woman is electable

  20. EK,
    Who you callin’ a moron, moron? If you have some other evidence, show it. Otherwise shut up. How are either myself or bikepunk wrong? We’re not. Large and Fit was repeating an incorrect statement, which was originally published and then repeated on Fox as an attempt to instill racial fear in people about a candidate that the right is actually afraid of. Anyways, my info came from

    Wiki isn’t an accepted citation in acadamia because there is no official peer review process, and thus can not be considered an academic journal. It is often right, but there are some problems, like industry hacks writing the company wiki entry (look into Pepsi which has been caught doing this). It should be taken with a grain of salt, but it’s going to be a whole shitload more accurate than conservapedia.

  21. “Obama can really give a good speech, I’ll give him that. But I really don’t want compromise right off. I really want the Republicans to get a taste of their own shitty medicine.”

    “the biggest problem is that he is too ready to ‘reach across the aisle’ to the republicans. I’d like to see the Republicans get a time-out. Let’s say 2 years where they are as impotent as a Vegas boxing comissioner. Let them feel the stig of being sidelined like they did to the dems for the last 16 years.”

    what the fuck is this? middle school? this revenge you seek isn’t going to fix anything.

    we can put someone in office that’ll give it to the republicans as they’ve given it to the democrats, and next time the republicans find themselves in charge you can bet your ass they’ll return the favor, and so on, and so on, and so on, and nothing will ever get fixed. in fact, it’ll probably end up worse.

    what i like about obama is the fact that he does want to compromise. compromise is how shit gets fixed. everyone eschews partisan politics but the second we’ve got the chance to put someone into office that wants to cooperate with the other side, those same people suddenly turn 15 years old again and now want their elected official to turn to schoolyard revenge tactics.

    well, fuck that, i say.

  22. …sore…you’re a voice of reason w/ some good points but you act like you don’t understand the abject frustration felt by some of us…

    …frustration w/ the fact that even w/ the best of leadership, it would take this country years, if ever, to get back to it’s true ideals, after the drubbing it’s taken…

    …frustration w/ the fact that, while big business will always be a fact of life, we have an administration dedicated solely to the good of the few, while it’s wrapped in a flag of red, white & blue patriotism & being stuffed down our collective throats…

    …frustration w/ a republican right wing who’s extreme is a machine dedicated to disinformation & backed by a conservative majority w/out the balls to stand up & deny it…

    …frustrated w/ the fact that the democrat party can prove itself to be so consistently ineffectual…

    …& maybe, just maybe, frustrated by the fact that the democratic process, which we were taught as kids & have held near & dear to our hearts all our lives, can appear to be so divisive & manipulating…

    …just a thought…

  23. I want to believe that the US has come far enough to elect either a black man or a woman, but I don’t know. The turnout in Iowa gives me some hope, but we have to remember that there’s only been one state, and there’s 49 to go.

    Even as a progressive white male, I can’t stand Hillary, and hope that she isn’t the Democratic nominee. I’ll vote for her if I have to, but that’s it. I think both Obama and Edwards will do a better job. I know lots of women who think the same. She’s a political opportunist, and I don’t trust her. Experience my ass. Throwing tea parties as first lady (national and state) does not give her experience.

    I think the Republicans are in a similar situation to what the Democrats have often been in. None of their candidates are great. Huckabee pisses off the neo and corporo cons. Romney pisses off the theo and neo cons. Guilani pisses off the corporo and theo cons, and is a first rate dickhead. Grandpa Fred acts like he doesn’t even know the issues or want the job. McCain and Romney have flipped on so many issues they don’t know what to think. And, Paul? Well he’s just batshit crazy. I’d like to see the whole thing split the republicans.

    I wish Obama wasn’t so ready to compromise, but at this point he’s got to. If he gets to divisive the independents and the center go away. Hopefully the under-30 crowd can keep up the enthusiasm of Iowa and keep driving the election.

  24. Im not 15, I just want a SHORT period of them tasting their own medicine. I do believe I said..

    “Let’s say 2 years where they are as impotent as a Vegas boxing comissioner.”

    (Its the second post In case you skipped down, Like it would seem…)

    Then I go on to say…

    “Then invite them to play along. ”

    So yes, I think that getting everyone together is not the worst of ideas. In fact, everyone who acts like a spoiled rotten child DESERVES a time-out, R or D.

    It just so happens that the Rep’s have been in charge for the last forever-time and need a time-out so they can realize they aren’t an only child and need to share as well as the other kids in class.

    fuck me for having a stronger than wonder-bread opinion on the matter, but these fuckers need to be taught a lesson. And if they aren’t then they will do it over and over again.
    This goes for spineless Dem’s as well. If they don’t start taking control and standing up to the R’s then they deserve to get sidelined, and no amount of bitching will do them any good.

    Im tired of being nice and ploite. When was the last time a Rep reached across the aisle and tried to be bi-partisan about ANYTHING???

    Fuck that. Time to get serious. It’s about our fucking country, fer fucks’ sake.

    If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.

  25. “teaching lessons”…hmmm. How about instead of trading tit for tat we elect a public servant who helps us move forward. As far as paying attention, have you really noticed huge differences between status quo left and status quo right? Big, corporate, multinational government is a Dempublican enterprise that prefers citizens call each names. I hear The Who singing, “Meet the new boss – same as the old boss.”

    To me, Ron Paul looks like the smartest choice for America citizens. Definitely worth an honest appraisal.

  26. Have you actually looked at Paul? He’s a throwback to Reagan, who saddled us with huge deficits. Corporate deregulation worked so well. Remember the S&L scandal? We’re going to be paying for that for a long time. The corporate deregulation under him bred the Enron debacle. (I guess there was a lot of good cocaine, but I missed out on all of that.) He’s a racist. He’s taken money from stormfront. He doesn’t believe in evolution. He wants to repeal Roe v. Wade. He needs to go away. He represents Galveston, TX, which is not a home to many progressives. Do some actual research on him.