Ladies Night story

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Straight outta the box on New Years!

From: Big Pun
Subject: ladies night story
They called this lawsuit “frivolous”? This is important stuff! What we’re dealing with here is the primary incentive for Cougars like the Snake’s mom to get out on Wednesday nights. This guy almost ruined it for all of us.

Frivolous? No. Ridiculous? Maybe.

The entire article is below:

NYC nightclubs defend ladies’ nights
By LARRY NEUMEISTER, Associated Press Writer Sat Dec 15, 1:06 AM ET

NEW YORK – Men are not discriminated against by “ladies’ nights” at Manhattan nightclubs, just as people in their 20s do not suffer because some restaurants let children eat for free or have “early bird” specials for older customers, according to nightclub lawyers fighting a federal lawsuit.

Roy Den Hollander has sued clubs including Lotus and the China Club, saying he was discriminated against by ladies’ nights, which offer women free or discounted admission and drinks.

Deborah Swindells Donovan, a lawyer for Lotus, called the lawsuit frivolous in papers filed Friday in U.S. District Court.

She wrote that if his “ill-conceived theory is applied to restaurants, then ‘early bird’ specials for the elderly or promotions allowing children to eat free would be discriminatory on the basis of age.”

Vanessa R. Elliott, a lawyer representing the club AER Lounge, said in court papers Friday that nightclubs recognize that men might not want to visit the clubs if they fail to attract enough women.

“Under this theory, male customers may actually benefit from ladies’ nights in other ways and be encouraged to attend the club on those nights,” she wrote.

The price charged to men is not so burdensome that it amounts to denying them entry, Elliott argued.

In his lawsuit, Hollander said he sought to represent all men over age 21 who had entered one of the nightclubs since June 21, 2004, and been subjected to policies that provide discounts to women of the same age.

He asked a judge to conclude that the policies violated the Constitution and to assess minor damages against the clubs.

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11 Replies to “Ladies Night story”

  1. Well. Technically. They should have none of those special deals.

    Can’t treat some group special like that.

    Babe night, old farts discounts or rug-rats eat free are all discriminatory. No question in my mind.

    Imagine if they had a “European Male Night” and they ate for free or whatever. Protests up the ass would follow that announcement.

    That said. I’m personally waiting for a “European Male 40-something Broke Pot-bellied Night”

    Then we be talking.

    As long as we’re not talking about me in a speedo that is. ha ha

    PS: In the long run. This lawsuit is pure BS. Ladies Night is like a pussy convention held right down down the street. Can’t beat that.

  2. If I’m taken some chick out and I don’t have to pay for her to get in, score one for me. It’s almost like your ahead before you even get started!

    Keep that shit, maybe call it ‘gettin your jolly’s off on a budget!’

  3. Never paid to get into a place to drink. Never will.

    “Ladies Night : Ladies free entry; 2 drinks on the house
    Men pay $20 for a slim slim chance of getting a handjob at the bar while trying to distract her friend from getting her to stop since she has a boyfriend at home on Prozac.”

    No way, no how, no thanks.

  4. Having worked in nightlife promotion in NYC for longer than I’d care to admit, I can easily tell you that calling a club promotion event “Ladies’ Night” is suitable grounds for a case of false advertising. Most of the people going out to any venue in NYC because of a “Ladies’ Night” promotion are characterized by two factors: 1) being cheap motherfuckers, and 2) being dumb motherfuckers.

    Gee, I’m going to trust some jagoff I don’t know to mix me a drink of questionable ingredients (most drink specials are made from “well” or bottom-tier booze), and I’m going to drink crap in a place more crowded than a Calcutta train car in the hopes of getting good pussy? No thank you. Mind you, I said GOOD pussy and not PLENTIFUL pussy. Low-rent whores are more plentiful than Tribbles in heat, and the odds of you finding good pussy at a nightclub with a drink special are about the same as finding a Porsche 356 in pristine condition in a barn.

    I know Lotus and AER. Both of these places are frickin’ gorgeous, and they have an elitist atmosphere. As for China Club? That’s a tourist trap with a lot of polish. China Club is in Times Square. I don’t care how bright and shiny Times Square is now, I wouldn’t recommend going anywhere NEAR any pussy you find in Times Square. If you’re too cheap to drink in NYC, don’t be an assclown bitch like Roy Den Hollander. This idiot not only is gonna have a really hard time getting into nightclubs in NYC, his quest for good pussy is only going to make lawyers richer. Good Job, Roy. Now do us all a favor and put the barrel under your chin and squeeze, don’t pull on the trigger.

  5. Thank the good Lord that I live in the Midwest and you can find Fat Drunk Women in every corner bar. And that’s with $1 draws every day. Ladies Night my ass.

  6. bikepunk -2 for playa hatin’. C’mon – you know you love good cheese. It’s not like I said “rutting William Shatner.” OK – I feel dirty just for mentioning that.

  7. I can drink any woman pretty. Who the fuck cares as long as I’m balls deep on her parent’s couch after last call.

  8. “…balls deep on her parent’s couch after last call.”

    Dayum. I haven’t been balls deep on a parents couch in 20+ years.

    I am so fucking old it’s amazing.

    Thanks for reminding me.