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Mitt Romney may actually be, as US Representative Barney Frank warmly described him, “the most intellectually dishonest human being in the history of politics.”

TPM’s Eric Kleefeld just found this latest installment from NBC’s FirstRead on the brouhaha over Romney’s claim to having seen his pops, George Romney marching with Martin Luther King …

Romney says that it depends on what the definition of “saw” is.

A defensive Romney was peppered with questions today on exactly what he meant when he said — most recently on Meet the Press — that he “saw” his father march with Martin Luther King Jr. Recent articles have indicated that his father, the late Michigan Gov. George Romney, didn’t march with the civil-rights leader.

Admitting that he didn’t see the march with his own eyes, he said, “I ‘saw’ him in the figurative sense.”

“The reference of seeing my father lead in civil rights,” he said, “and seeing my father march with Martin Luther King is in the sense of this figurative awareness of and recognition of his leadership.”

“I’ve tried to be as accurate as I can be,” he continued, smiling firmly. “If you look at the literature or look at the dictionary, the term ‘saw’ includes being aware of — in the sense I’ve described.”

The questioning did not relent. “I’m an English literature major,” he insisted at one point. “When we say I saw the Patriots win the World Series, it doesn’t necessarily mean you were there.” (He meant the Super Bowl, of course.)

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Is all depends on what “saw” is. Or “is” is. Or “drunk” is.

Don’t me started on the Patriots…

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  1. Aw,fuck it. Who gives a flyin’ fuck about all those megalomaniacs anyway? All of’em are a bunch of lying putos who are beneath contempt.
    The good news is it’s rainin’ in Tucson.Dust is down, the ridin’ is great and they say it’ll be a good wildflower season in the Spring.
    If you ever meet a Politico give’m a good old ballsweat handshake then go outdoors to remember what is REALLY important…

  2. Good post Pistola Pedro … couldn’t have said it better me own self. The whole system is so obviously contrived.

    This Arrogant Bastard I’m drainin’ right now on the other hand is some REAL good shit !!!