Landis 86’d from lowly non-UCI events in France. World rejoices.

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I’m not sure how many French based events Pennsylvania’s favorite Dirty Birdie had penciled in on his calendar for ‘08, but it looks like he won’t be toeing the start line anywhere they serve Brie.

American Floyd Landis, stripped of his 2006 Tour de France title for doping, was on Wednesday banned from all competitions in France by the country’s anti-doping agency AFLD.

…Landis has appealed the ban, which expires on January 29, 2009.

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Oh, good. He’s appealing the ban. That ought to be a good time. Worked out great last time. Maybe someone (attn. Will Geoghegan) will turf Greg Lemond’s lawn this time around.

At least knock over his trashcans. C’mon Geoghegan – get in the fucking game.

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12 Replies to “Landis 86’d from lowly non-UCI events in France. World rejoices.”

  1. Maurice Suh needs the money generated by yet another Landis appeal to buy his kids a WII… mounted in the back of a new limo. How many hungry people could we feed with the $’s thrown at this crap?

  2. fuck Floyd. WTF kind of cheeseball name is floyd anyhow?

    Its like the name of your inbred brother-in-law’s retarded dog, who can’t stop licking it’s own ass.

  3. Read his book? Convinced me that he’s innocent. They’re not blind tests, anyone that wants to find faults in the data can.

  4. As much as I’m convinced that anybody who’s competitive is probably doping, his book does makes a good case that the evidence didn’t prove he was guilty. There’s more holes in this case than a pallet of Swiss cheese. Of course, most folks don’t bother looking at the evidence before pointing their judgmental finger.

    Oh well.

    And somebody mentioned Lemond? Talk about a bitter d-bag…

  5. …la debut pour ‘team can o’ worms’???…non, non, merci, mais desole’, monsieur landis…

  6. hilarious. banned from racing in an entire country? good luck ever vacationing there, Floyd. I bet he couldn’t hail a cab in France, let alone a hotel room.

  7. If I was Floyd, I’d move to France.

    To annoy them and to please us.

    “Its like the name of your inbred brother-in-law’s retarded dog, who can’t stop licking it’s own ass.”