Doping is as doping does

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The hits just keep coming.

Italian doctor given life-time suspension
Italy’s Olympic committee has handed down a life-time ban to Carlo Santuccione, the doctor at the center of the “Oil for Drugs” investigation that has involved several high-profile athletes, including Giro d’Italia winner Danilo Di Luca.

A disciplinary panel of Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) on Monday ruled that Santuccione could no longer associate himself with athletes, sporting events or organizations for the remainder of his career because of his involvement in the distribution of performance-enhancing substances. Santuccione had already served a five-year suspension from cycling, starting in 1995.

Santuccione was named by several witnesses and investigators as the organizer of the four-year-old “Oil for Drugs” conspiracy that allegedly supplied drugs to several of Italy’s most high-profile athletes, including Di Luca and former world pole vaulting champion Giuseppe Gibilisco.

Earlier this year, Di Luca was given a three-month suspension for his association with Santuccione. Gibilisco is currently serving a two-year ban for doping. Both men have denied doping and neither man had tested positive for drugs.


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  1. …cycling, well sure, you expect that but thank god the ‘great american pastime’ isn’t riddled w/ drugs like that…

    …ooops, i’ve just been handed a note…