Sign this you Neanderthals…

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Online Petition for equal prize money for female cyclists.

You can even use it as a pick-up line after at the bar. “Hey I just signed a petition to get y’all ladies equal prize money when y’all do your 20 mile loop. Howz about we go get a bit crazy in my pick-em-up truck?”

‘Well, sure darlin. I got nothing better to do for 3 minutes.”

 If it doesn’t work, its because you are too drunk and speaking in ‘only-vowel’ A language not spoken by American women; only pikey-girls from the UK. Or it’s because you smell just like that bum that sits in front of their laundromat with his shopping cart of madness that they caught sniffing their cotton panties fresh from the dryer saying something like ‘lickinn them cinnamon buns till the goat milk comes…’ 

That should get you to sign. Its about the paycheck, stupid.


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About bikepunk

“Cuts, scrapes, bruises… all in a day’s riding. Then it’s off for some good german beer in a local biergarten.” Munich, Germany

3 Replies to “Sign this you Neanderthals…”

  1. …”lickin’ them cinnamon buns till the goat milk comes”…my, my, my, what a wonderfully vivid & humorous imagination, bikepunk…

    …ok, ok, yes of course, i signed it immediately…

    …sheesh, just sayin’…

  2. Just because I am an admitted perv, does not mean I am not an ‘equal opportunity’ perv.

    Most of those girls (all of them, really) are harder than me, so why the fuck shouldn’t they get paid the same as guys who race?

    I mean really, getting a tea set instead of a $125,000 bonus is just asinine.

    (I am referring to the German World Soccer Men vs. Women. the men cant seem to win, while the women are 3rd time defending champs, and they got a GODDAMN TEA SET, while the men got $120,000 as reward for finishing 4th. That’s just GAY.)

    I could barely keep up with the 2 girls from Chico when I rode from Seatle to DC, and that wasn’t even a race.