Micro dose

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I read this the other day. Nothing terribly new, but some folks out there just fell off the apple cart and never heard word one about what really goes on. This pretty much lays it out in plain English for ya. And yeah, you might want to grab a cold beer afterwards and think about yarding that LiveStrong bracelet.

From an undisclosed location:

I have my sources bro’s…..I know why he was never caught. Herras got caught micro dosing epo, which is actually almost fool proof….but Lance didn’t micro dose epo as he was too paranoid.

I am also in the medical field and work with blood and not just a coach/trainer.

But first…Armstrong was actually caught in 99 with cortisone in his blood….then his doc produces a script for a saddle cream and he is off the hook ! HA!..anyone that knows pro cycling knows that cortico’s were, and still are, the most widely used drug.

Anyway….Lance and others like Ullirch and Basso etc etc….. would disappear late in the season or early in the off season. They would quickly jack to 55% in a few weeks “good” epo cycle and then save bags of their own blood.
You simply take the whole blood and spin off the plasma and platelets. This leaves ya with pure packed red cells. Each 500 cc of whole blood will spin down to about 300cc of packed red cells.

HA!>>>then the packed cells are frozen quickly with liquid nitrogen and placed in a rack, evenly spaced, in a very cold freezer. Red cells can be kept frozen in a cryoprotectant (usually glycerol) for 10 years

For every unit of packed cells you “re-infuse” you get a 3 point increase in crit.

All you have to get to 49% for the initial “weigh in” testing with blood doping (your own saved blood)…go back to your trailer and infuse a couple units and bingo you’re 55%.
If they test you after a stage you simply say you are dehydrated. If they insist on a test after you hydrate then you grant them their wish but fist you go to the trailer/motorhome to re-hydrate he he he…. and infuse a couple liters of saline or lactated ringers IV into ya . Each liter of saline or ringers will drop your crit 3 points. The after an hour or two you pee it all out and bingo you’re back at 55%!

The blood in our friendly Spanish doc’s office WAS FROZEN PACKED CELLS of Ullrich, Basso etc etc.

Ullrich packed it in because he knew he was toast anyway. Basso is very lucky to only get one year….he had his own blood frozen in the office!!! HA!

Now before epo testing nobody really bothered with this and just used epo all the time “in season”.

Blood doping with ones own blood isn’t rocket science and has been around a long time but it never caught on with pro cyclists in the 80’s as some people think. The 80’s were years of ampetamine, cortico and some steroid/testosterone use.

Source: www.letsrun.com/forum

And there is a whole lot more to check out in that forum. And, when you’re done with that, you have this classic from Outside magazine.

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9 Replies to “Micro dose”

  1. After reading that Outside article I had to wonder how much of my 50+ cohort out on the roads and trails is doped to the gills. Besides all the guys who are faster than me that is-them I’ve got no doubts about at all.

  2. …i’ll man up & say thanks…that site was like nothing i’ve ever seen before…i’m nowhere near naive but , wow, that’s pretty amazing…

    …i like to give people the benefit of the doubt until i accumulate enough info to make my own informed decision…that kinda site is an eye opener…

  3. I give my wife a micro-dose as often as possible.

    no, wait. a MACRO dose. Yeah… that’s it.

    (looks around to see if anyone noticed the slip…)

  4. in the US more masters cyclists are doped than “pro’s”…hard to afford epo/hgh when you make $15k per year.

  5. The Lance accusations are bull shit. Pro cyclist can’t disappear from USADA. I know a world champion very well and she can’t be out of USADA’s “site” for more than 3 hours.

  6. The Outside article was a good read.

    The only thing that bugged me…

    “I would first have to qualify by completing a series of 200-, 300-, 400-, and 600-kilometer rides within certain time limits. The PBP was a quirky event, a ride rather than a real race, with no prizes, no ranking of finishers, no doping controls. So if the drugs helped me, I wouldn’t be knocking anybody else down in the standings.”

    Stevens didn’t want to knock anyone down in the standings in the PBP race, but he didn’t even acknowledge the 4+ other riders he potentially eliminated from being qualified for the PBP race as a result of his drug use.

  7. Guys from my high school used to micro-dose and blood dope all of the time, it was no big deal.