Biker Down: Marie Gabaldon

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Our greatest fears realized…

Motorist fatally strikes, backs over elderly bicyclist

Police say a motorist in Ogden struck a 73-year-old woman on a bicycle Saturday, then backed up to see what he hit and ran over her again.

The bicyclist, Marie Gabaldon, died at the scene. The collision happened about 6:15 p.m. Saturday. Gabaldon was riding her bike south on B Avenue at 24th Street. She rode in front of a 30-foot motor home traveling west on 24th, said Ogden police Lt. Scott Conley. The motor home struck her then pulled over to the right.

Witnesses told police the 52-year-old driver then drove in reverse to see what he had hit, Conley said, and the motor home ran over Gabaldon again.

Police did not cite the motor home driver but the accident was still under investigation, Conley said.


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4 Replies to “Biker Down: Marie Gabaldon”

  1. “Police did not cite the motor home driver but the accident was still under investigation” WHY NOT?!?!? Same thing happens here (Tucson) all the time. No matter how obviously the motorist is at fault, it’s always “no citations issued pending further investigation”. Trying to line up bigger bribes?!?

  2. What makes you think he was at fault? Nothing in the article says he was at fault. I agree thought he was stupid for backing up to see what he’d hit – that’s just idiotic, but there’s nothing to cite him for.

    Don’t just automatically assume she didn’t run a stop sign or something.

  3. You should have read the reader’s comments on the article. “Janey” needs to lose her licence if she thinks of bicycles as “hazards” on the roads.