The gangs of Boston

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Oh great.

Random attack on Brookline bicyclist may be gang-related
Police say a 37-year-old man who was attacked by four teen-agers as he biked home from work in Brookline may have been the random target of a gang initiation.

Brookline police Capt. John O’Leary said police believe the assault may be gang related because the teen-agers did not steal the man’s bike or rob him. Also, he said, one of the teens wore a bandana that was blue, a known gang color. The attackers were very young, some looking about 14 and 15 years old.


That is some fucked up shit. Four kids just jump ya and that’s their initiation?

Kinda seems backwards doesn’t it? It’s four on one!

I got three emails about it so far:

From: Nick
Subject: Cyclist beaten in gang initiation
I am not sure if this is of interest but sometimes you post clips about cyclists being injured and what not. I came across a clip this morning…
apparently cyclists are gang targets now. Just proves how effed up this world (Boston) is…

Yo, keep your eyes open out there kid.

From: Deech
Subject: Boston cyclist attacked
I ride this path to and from work every single day. Time to change my route.

Yeah, new route and a big ass stick all next week.

From: John
Subject: The gangs of Boston
Man, as if it isn’t bad enough that I have to watch out for taxis, joggers, moron pedestrians, way-too-aggressive drivers, and Red Sox fans, now I gotta watch out for gangs on my daily commute too? By the way, this happened about 3 blocks from where I work.

You met Deech yet? John – Deech. Deech – John. Maybe you two cats can buddy up and throw these kids in the river?

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3 Replies to “The gangs of Boston”

  1. In a case like this, I figure the best thing to do is focus on one of the attackers, and beat him as much as you can.
    if its 4 against 1 you already know your going to be on the loosing end, but if you beat on one of them at least he will remember you for a few days

  2. My man Snakehawk once welded some rusty swingset pieces to the front of his cruiser to make a cattlepusher device. Then he tacked a couple cheese graters to the front of it too. I would recommend some fast cadence and a full head of steam right through those young mfs to show them we mean business. This reminds me of the addage – fall off the horse and get right back on. The cycling community of Boston ought to rally and take the trails back. Team up and play the numbers game. Go out on a full moon and put rookie marks on the foreheads of those young punks.

  3. I carry a small 22mag. pistol that weighs next to nothing and I don’t believe in Jesus! If 3 punks attack me and I can get my hand to the back of my jersey somewhere a mother will be crying.