Federal grand jury indicts Barry Bonds

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I can’t really say I’m much surprised, but still… Damn.

Barry Bonds, baseball’s home run king, was indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice Thursday and could face prison instead of the Hall of Fame for telling a federal grand jury he did not knowingly use performance-enhancing drugs.

The indictment, culminating a four-year investigation into steroid use by elite athletes, charged Bonds with four counts of perjury and one of obstruction of justice. If convicted, he could be sentenced to a maximum of 30 years in prison.

Source: sports.espn.go.com

Is it a cliché to say this is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better?

Yeah, I thought it might be.

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8 Replies to “Federal grand jury indicts Barry Bonds”

  1. he’ll probably just get the Vick treatment and pull 6 months.
    If it were any of us we’d never see the light of day for lying to a grand jury.

    Money and fame get you everything, even if your the words biggest asshole.

  2. what do we think of Grand Juries anyways? Any lawyers in the house? Perhaps I lack a complete understanding of the justice system, but I fear them and doubt their constitutionality. I mean, this is a closed-door Q&A with a judge and pannel that will indict (sp?) you for what you say and will hold you in contempt if you say nothing, and charge you with lying even if the reason you were there in the first place wasn’t because you broke any laws (as with Barry here). Otherwise, they’d charge you and put you on trial in a real court. Where’s the right to remain silent and not self-incriminate? Scary. I guess my main reference is that one movie with John Turtoro as a gangster, don’t recall the title. cheers.

  3. Amazing. He was offered FULL AND TOTAL IMMUNITY… If he told the truth. Now he’s going to get fucked, because his ego can’t deal with the facts.

    I still love my giants, but damn that Barry. Fucker.

  4. I still remember Juan Marichal clubbing Johnny Roseboro with his bat. Barry and the giants-talk about a match made in heaven… A little salt and lime will help that asterisk go down.

  5. Big Jonny, et al–

    I think you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who thinks Barry Bonds got his record clean.

    The thing that saddens me, is that after all this time (what, 3-4 years?), they indict him conveniently just after the Series is wrapped up. Coincidence?

    The take-home is the same as with cycling (unfortunately): they’re all dopers. Throw the baby out with the bath water.


    PS– I have heroes too… CAT2s, 3s and 4s, mainly. Enjoy the ride.

  6. …what is also sad is that while barry may be guilty as accused, as a high profile player, he has become the scapegoat of the whole ‘steroids in baseball’ controversy…he should be one of dozens of players having the finger pointed at themselves…

    …as a ‘bay area’ guy & a giants fan, i still have respect for the way he’s weathered the storm…you noticed when this story first developed years ago, he continued knockin’ ’em out a the park…at that point, w/ the commissioner & the government involved, nobody was taking anything…

    …the baseball commissioner’s office should have stepped in many years ago before this got out of hand (amphetamines were openly legal in baseball until very recently)…just like the UCI & the ASO (tour de france group) knew about drugs in cycling 40 years ago, before the death of tommy simpson, yet they did nothing about it…

    …so, barry, it looks like ya were taking drugs & lying about it & that is both sad & intrinsically wrong…the fact that you’ve been standing up there basically by yerself, dealing w/ it is also sad & wrong…