Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the peloton . . .

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. . . here comes Masters Cycling magazine, your guide to the world of sand-bagging, treachery and egomania. Every issue will have a mirror on the cover and contain a number of cutting-edge features vital to the gray panthers of the peloton, including:

The Mercedes-Benz GL550: Six Bikes That Look Fast On the Roof!

‘Watch Your Line, Pencil Dick!’ And Other Witty Phrases for Clearing Your Path of Junior Racers

Entry Fees: Outrageous Expense Or Critical Tax Deduction?

The Bike Mechanic: Cheaper to Rent or Own?

Explaining That DNF: Top 10 Reasons You Shoulda Won

This thing is gonna earn like a no-bid reconstruction contract in the Green Zone. It’s a zero-overhead plan if ever I saw one. All a guy needs is a strip-mall storefront containing an accountant to tally the cash from hot-car, designer-booze and wiener-drug ads, an IT guy to field all the incoming training logs from CTS pootbutts and a custodian to keep those cover mirrors polished.

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13 Replies to “Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the peloton . . .”

  1. We used to call the guy grandpa on that front cover.. LOL
    that was like 10years ago.. he he..

    Team Ol’ fuck. :)

  2. …shades of bikesnob nyc’s friday column (11/9/07) but for real…now that IS surreal….

    …i laughed til my catheter fell out, but nice to see that somebody cares about us old cycling fucks…(read as: figured out how to make more money from)…

    …well, time for my meds, thanks for the chuckle…

  3. As a charter member of the Old Guys Who Get Fat In Winter Cycling Team, I resemble that remark.

    Funny. Fucking hilarious!!! And sad…somehow. I’m going for doughnuts. That always cheers me up. These pants stretch, right?

  4. more articles:

    “Mail Order EPO – the Viagra of Masters”

    “CPR 101 – when thinking you’re still 20 crosses the line”

    “How to Not say Hello to Newbies”

    …and so on.

    cheers DC