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5 Replies to “Thursday’s Poem: Surfin’ safari”

  1. Heard a guy on NPR today describe his voluntary waterboarding as the longest 20 seconds of his life. He said it’s not “simulated drowning” as the media likes to call it, but “drowning torture”.

    Interesting that this guy also refers to other “experts” in torture who acknowledge that this technique will get anyone to tell you anything to get you to stop. No real interrogation value, no truth, just torture.

    The “experts” I’ve heard, including those who jailed Nazis post WWII, have said repeatedly of late that you get more out of talking to them than beating and torture will ever get you.

  2. I suggest using the technique on Gonzo when he’s finally forced to testify before Congress about what he knew and when he knew it. After all he personally authorised use of the technique on the “terrarists”. And if he dies, well he dies. Saves us the trouble of shooting him for treason later.