Biker Down: Joshua M. Kuck

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From: gob
Subject: another one
When are we as cyclists going to realize that cars always win? So many people on so many group rides ride as if traffic laws don’t apply to them.
It needs to stop before some neaderthal in a pickup mows down an entire paceline.

Yo, I hear you on that one.

22 years old? Man, that is really hard to read. My condolences to his friends and family.

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8 Replies to “Biker Down: Joshua M. Kuck”

  1. I miss the shopping carts filled to the top with cold pretzels after coming out of the old Spectrum from a Dead Show or a Flyers game. It took me almost 4 years of high school to figure out why after every show at the Spectrum I had little white particles(salt) in my pant pockets the next morning.

  2. Man this is getting depressing. that makes what, 5 this week alone? And this is the only one that the cyclist was at fault? Fuck packing heat, I’m packing a LAW (Light Antitank Weapon) and using it on the first SOB in a SUV that gets too close. You can’t trust the bastards even when the law is on your side. Kill ’em first before they get you. I can’t wait for gast to hit $10/gallon.


  3. I do not know the exact circumstances of this accident, but I do know the road very well. The road that it happend on is a series of rollers, then at the top of the last hill there is a “false flat” where the road tends downhill and you can really fly. To top it off right before the intersection is a short steep drop with a stop sign at the bottom, until you’re right on it you can’t see any traffic on the intersecting road, which is two lane with cars that commonly go 60 mph. The weather radar showed rain in the area (that’s why my husband and I were not on the ride), and there is commonly sand and gravel at the intersection. Add these all up and I don’t think you have a cyclist at fault, or breaking traffic rules. You just have someone who misjudged the road and conditions. An accident.

  4. Wheelcats, while this “accident” is obviously tragic in many ways, I don’t get how running a stop and not making sure a high speed cross street with right of way is clear is not the riders fault. I ride alot and I take full responsibility for my actions if doing something illegal on the road. If I die as the result of something like this, I don’t want people to mourn me as poor cyclist, they should consider me a dumbass.

  5. I was on that ride, and Josh was by himself at that point.
    Wheelcats brings up a very good point…the debris in that intersection, and the blind corners keep us all from just blowing thru that stop sign. Do we roll thru it, sure, but not without checking traffic first, and Josh rode this particular area often. The small hill leading down to the stop sign is just that, small. So there was no excessive speed on the cyclists part. The only witness was the driver of the truck, so of course he claims the cyclist ran the stop sign. My friend rode onto the scene right after it happened and said the truck carried on 100 yards before even stopping. The weather was perfect for the century ride, no rain, just cloudy, so there was no glare in the truck drivers eyes. This part of the county motorists do not like cyclists. That is why we cannot ride more than six in a group thru San Ann. The driver got away with MURDER, just like OJ did. Josh was run down by a redneck in Pasco County.

  6. arron, you don’t have to die for me to consider you a dumbass. I’ll do it right now.