Biker Down: James Stenson

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This story is from a week ago Monday, not yesterday Monday.

From: Christian
Subject: Biker Down (again)
Check this out (from

“A bicyclist was killed by a hit and run driver in Colorado Springs Monday night.

Police say 38 year old James Stenson of Colorado Springs was hit shortly after 6:00 p.m. Monday night near the intersection of Garden of the Gods and Centennial. He was dead at the scene.

The suspect’s car is described as a light blue 4-door sedan, possibly a Honda Civic. The driver is believed to be a white female with long dark hair.

Police say the biker started heading south before the light turned green, and the driver ran the red light at Garden of the Gods. The driver did not stop.

Police say Stenson was not wearing a helmet.”

The part that isn’t in the story is the police said, and I quote “The way the accident looks at this particular time, the driver of the vehicle may or may not have been held liable, had they stayed on scene, but by fleeing the scene, they are guilty of a vehicular homicide.”

WTF? They ran a red light! I don’t get how the biker could have been going south before his light turned green, yet the driver of the car ran a red light. Totally fucked. I hope they find that bitch and run her over with her car.

The cops here in Colorado Springs, or the residents for that matter, could give a fuck if a cyclist is hit. Put a ding in the door of their Ford Extrapolation or Cadillac (fat) Escalator and they want to sue you.

And why do they always need to tell me the cyclist “was not wearing a helmet”?

Car runs a red light, hits someone and bails out; and the helmet is important to the story?

Gimmie a break.

As always, my condolences to his friends and family.

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8 Replies to “Biker Down: James Stenson”

  1. “Stenson said he thinks his brother moved to Colorado Springs to escape a criminal past that he was ashamed of. Court records revealed several criminal cases, including burglary and menacing, dating back to 1992 in Arapahoe, Denver and Jefferson counties.”

    Why the fuck is that in the story ??!!??

    That’s messed up big time.

  2. A couple observations from the vantage point of having lived in Bibleburg off and on since 1967:

    One: The motorists here are all insane. Assume that they wish you dead, because many of them do, if only because they believe your soul will flit directly to the loving arms of the baby JeezWhiz. Thus, never enter an intersection on the green without a couple really big vehicles flanking you. Let the SUV take the hit.

    Two: Red lights are strictly advisory here, so much so that many traffic signals have built-in delays of a few seconds, which means, yes, major intersections often have simultaneous reds to accommodate the iPod-wearing, cell-phone-chatting, latte-sipping, ciggy-smoking, chemically impaired, cousin-humping, Bible-thumping fucktards who blow through the red five seconds late in their Ford Excretions while steering with their six-toed feet and spitting over one shoulder at the sixpack of screeching crotch-droppings watching “Touched by an Angel” DVDs in the back seat.

    Two-B: Also advisory are speed limits, sirens atop ambulances and fire trucks, concealed-carry laws, the federal tax code and the Ten Commandments. And bike lanes are for passing on the right when the left lane is occupied.

    Three: Never believe any “news” you read in the paper, hear on the radio or see on TV. They all steal shamelessly from one another. It is a closed system, free of contamination from the outside world; think of having your pee delivered from the toilet to your kitchen faucet and you’ll get the idea. The bit about “the cyclist was not wearing a helmet” is stored in the F4 key on these nitwits’ keyboards. And as to dredging up evil tales about the deceased, this is acceptable as the dead cannot be libeled.

    Four: We have a bazillion churches but no sanctuary. A buddy of mine was hit by a truck on a bike path.