Biker Down: Sarah Howard

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A woman killed Friday on her bicycle when she was hit by a Hummer H3 while riding her bike on Overland Road has been identified as Sarah Howard of Meridian.

The Ada County Coroner said Howard, 48, died from a head injury. She was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, Meridian police said. Howard was a nurse at St. Luke’s Mountain States Tumor Institute in Meridian.

The driver of the Hummer was identified by Meridian police as Erika E. Janzen, 43, of Boise. No passengers were in the vehicle with Janzen, who was taken to a local hospital. Police said she was not injured.

The incident happened just before 10 a.m., according to police. Howard was in the bike lane on eastbound Overland waiting for the red light to change, according to eyewitness accounts told to police.

The driver of the Hummer lost control of her vehicle about 100 feet behind Howard, police said. Police said the right wheels of the Humvee jumped the curb, but the left wheels were still on the road. The Humvee then hit Howard from behind.

Police said there was no evidence Janzen used the brakes on the Humvee.


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18 Replies to “Biker Down: Sarah Howard”

  1. Another reason Hummers should be used for millitary use only. Period. No civilian should have something that huge and uncontrollable.


    My heart goes out to her family.

    And that bitch should be forced to scrub the spot where she killed, until there is absolutely no DNA evidence remaining. All the while saying out loud,
    “I killed a woman here. Her name was Sarah Howard. I killed a cyclist here. Her name was Sarah Howard.”

  2. The H3 was never a military vehicle, it’s just a Tahoe with very bad aerodynamics and a killer (literally) bumper.

    It sounds like Janzen was either getting home very late or partying way too early, given the facts. Her vehicle was a lane and a half away from where it was supposed to be and she never hit her brakes before hitting a stopped vehicle, killing its operator.

    I don’t know what priors Janzen might have, the article has been edited (censored?) to remove the fact that she was even driving on the sidewalk.


  3. It has nothing to do with the Hummer H3, which is actually built on a Trailblazer platform…but I digress…
    It has everything to do with an inattentive driver…

    Would it be any less bad if she’d have been driving a Prius?

  4. Whatever she was driving, she’s a stupid, fucking bitch who took someone’s life because she wasn’t paying attention. Didn’t even hit the brakes!?!? Come the fuck on! . . . probably to busy sucking back a cafe moccha and talking on her cell phone.

  5. I am so glad that these articles always remind us if the cyclist was not wearing a helmet. It’s really too bad she wasn’t wearing one, because most people who are run over by speeding hummers survive with just a few bruises if only they are wearing plastic and styrofoam helmets.

  6. I understand the personal connection with these stories and I feel for everyone, but I must keep cycling and I can’t be constantly worried about mortality. I’ve made it to 40. The drivers should be stoned to death, but I just can’t keep reading these stories and enjoy riding. So, I’m planting my head firmly in the sand and my finger straight up in the air.

  7. …i just don’t know how to respond to these situations anymore…my anger, my abject frustration…it’ll never keep me off my bikes but, fuck, it tears my heart out…
    …that was somebody’s baby, all grown up w/ a life of her own, but somebody’s baby…

  8. It is another sad day,,, we see things differently as we drive our cars and see cyclists, of course they are our primary consern. We study people as they drive,, and get mad my wife now believes me from her own observations that women between 25 and 35 are the worst. Worst in their aggresivness and their inattentevness. I see this from driving a large company vehicle a couple hours a day. If I get little respect from a scary percentage of drivers, then what chance does a pesky bicycle stand? NSF has it right, we can try to protect ourselves and BE NICE, but at the end of the day we really can only succeed at shoving our head in the sand and hope to enjoy the ride. RIDE OF SILENCE

  9. I personally have not pulled a driver out of a vehicle and beat the shit out of him since 1982. Too bad we can’t do that anymore.

  10. “She was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash”

    This I pulled from the article above, but not from the original article.

  11. Ride of silence tonight at 5:40 pm. Depart from Big City Coffee in the Linen District.

    The driver of the Hummer should be charged with Manslaughter. And if it turns out that she had drugs/alcohol in her system, then it is 2nd degree murder.

  12. I personally knew the wonderful lady who was struck down by a motor vehicule, who cares what kind, size, shape, color, ect. A women, who personally help change my life, and save it at the very sametime, is gone! The women driving the vehicule, should be charged with manslaghter no matter what the condition, unless a medical condition that the women had no clue of having. Even then though if it was medical but the women was aware of her condition then the charges should still be manslaghter, because she was aware that what ever happened could happen at anytime. I feel for her husband and two sons who will have to live everyday with out her beutifully big smile, her hugs of kindness and love. Only to remember her in everything around them like her soon to bloom flowers she just planted, with her husbands help, in the spring. I was a patient of hers and I will always have her in my heart. In loving Memory of Sarsh Howard.


  13. You judgemental idiots.

    Only God decides whether we live or die so stop getting on your high horse!

    Maybe one day, you will have an accident. Humans are not meant to drive.

    Peace to all.