Cyclist down on Mt. Lemmon

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I got this one yesterday but didn’t get it posted till today.

From: Joe
Subject: Cyclist down
This morning on mt lemon a cyclist got hit. We were the first people on the scene and wrapped him up in a sleeping bag and gave first aid waiting for paramedics. His first name was Jay and thats all I remember.

Could you do a shout out to help me find anyone who knows him so I can contact him and see how he is doing?

He was hit by the mirror of an SUV and the driver bailed. I know they set up road blocks to find the driver. I didn’t get a chance to get his last name because I was busy directing traffic around the crime scene while the medics loaded him

I just want to know if he is ok and how bad his injuries are.

That is pretty damn crazy. Leave any info in the comment section if you could please. Thank you.

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3 Replies to “Cyclist down on Mt. Lemmon”

  1. Any further news on this? An aquaintence of mine was killed by a bus driver’s mirror a few years back, and a couple of the members of my church were swatted with mirrors and injured to greater or lesser degrees several years ago. The guy that got me used his bumper while swearing at the top of his lungs to get off his road, cops never found him (looking might have helped).