Biker Down: Vaclav Hajek

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This kid was 10 years old.

The investigation still continues, but police say Vaclav stopped his bicycle on the sidewalk of Bailey Hill Road Monday afternoon, waiting to cross the street. Traffic stopped to allow him to cross and he entered the roadway. That’s when they say a 16-year-old driver sped around a stopped car on the right, hitting and killing the young boy.


As always, my heartfelt condolences to his friends and family.

Keep is safe out there, folks.

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6 Replies to “Biker Down: Vaclav Hajek”

  1. OMG

    I can’t fathom that.

    Jumped around traffic stopped for the kid, hits and kills the kid.

    What was actually “in” the mind of that driver? All I can think of is a mind so self adsorbed, so narcissistic, that it basically is non-human.

    I am so sad reading this.

  2. Yeah man, this one is really tough. Ten years old. Waiting at the site of the road to cross. Traffic stops, he starts across and some guy decides he’s not waiting and guns it around the stopped car in front of him…

    Terrible. Just terrible.

  3. I’m posting that one outside my classroom for my 15 year-old students all looking forward to getting their licenses. :-(

  4. Wow, that hurts.
    One thing I’ve learned a long time back and have taught my own kids.
    always cross the street on your own timing and never use the crosswalks.
    I trust my own judgement when crossing traffic.
    You have people being nice and stop, but, I wave them on and let them go.
    Man, I hated having to read something like this first thing in the A.M.