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8 Replies to “Jenna throws the horns”

  1. i’m pretty sure there’s better reason out there to hate bush and his offspring than this one.

  2. …sorry to offend your tender sensibilities & caring nature, colin.

    Consider this a written apology.

    Already sent one out to Jenna, but i think i got the wrong Jenna.

  3. That’s some dumb “Hook ’em Horns” Texas bullshit. Fucking Texans. Fucking America.

  4. You know she’s preggers, right? Knocked up by that Rove-protoge boyfriend of hers.

  5. I read she was getting married. I didn’t know she a) had sex out of wedlock, b) doesn’t understand how condoms work and c) was failed by the abstinence-only policies her own father pushed on the country.

    Read this: http://michaeldarragh.com/blog/?p=407

    But I can’t say I’m really surprised. Nothing those fuckers (read: BushCo) ever trotted out was a solution to any real problem; it was all about appealing to “values voters” in the fucking fly-over states.

    The man who championed Abstinence Only as our National Sex Education has a knocked up daughter….

    Go figure.