You want this guy on your team.

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Yeah thats right. You’re out there looking for an extra body on your 24hr team at Seven Springs, coming up in two weeks. September 1-2. On this, the last day of registration.

That fellow in pink? Thats your guy. He’s not very fast, but he’s not very slow either. Has camping gear, lights and lots of 24hr race experience. And will cough up the $100.

For a good time, call…

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About Brad

Bikes are cool, and I’ve been making a go at this ‘industry’ thing for a while now. You may remember me from some nine years at Dirt Rag Magazine. Or not. Now I do some writing, wrenching and photography to pay the bills. And run my half of a little magazine project called Urban Velo. We love riding in the city. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

4 Replies to “You want this guy on your team.”

  1. Maybe all inclusive. We do have an Expert Team in need of a rider. Our Youngster had a moto accident and broke his wrist. Send me an email. I think we are both firends of ss wonder topher. east side pa.

  2. Who is dd? I don’t have your email. You can reach me at

    I am friends with Topher, and this news bodes well for our chances at getting along. I ride singlespeed, and have been known to enter an expert race or two before… But I ain’t much of an expert racer, at least not in ultimate velocity. I’ve done 7Springs a few times, and its great. I want to ride, real bad like.

    In other words, sign me up.