Leadville part two

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My man Snake dead center in a blue DC jersey. Is drafting off the race officials car legal in mass start ultra-endurance events?

Apparently it is.

Leadville 2007 start

Pic from: trustbut.blogspot.com

In related news, new kid on the block Max Taam is a card carrying badass. Read this: aspentimes.com. Fourth place your first time out? Good on ya, a fine ride.

We were trying to figure out how old he was when we’d see him in the feed zones, etc, throughout the day. I pegged Babyface McHugeLegs for maybe 20 years old. If not in high school. I was leaning toward high school. But you have to be at least 21 to enter the event, or you had to be at one time. I know that because Jackass Justin tried to enter when he was 19 or so, and they wouldn’t let him. Never mind the fact he’s an ultra distance freak and would have done just fine.

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3 Replies to “Leadville part two”

  1. Max, aka Babyface, is definitely a bad ass. I bang heads with him on Wednesday nights in the Aspen Town Series Races. More importantly though, you’ll never be talking about this kid the way that you (and I) talk about guys like Rasmussen. The kid is good shit! Expect to see him around.

  2. Hey — what’s up with your picture in the NYT article on endurance events? Any story there?