You know you’re doping when …..

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Bjarne “Mr. 64%” Riis has to pull the plug based on your blood values.

Bjarne Riis was immediately informed about the matter, and when the team confronted Rasmussen with the results, ………………………………… and even though Riis and Rasmussen had agreed on a new two-year contract after Rasmussen won the queen stage in the Vuelta a Burgos, the former mountain-biker and the team went separate ways.


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6 Replies to “You know you’re doping when …..”

  1. One toke over the line, sweet Jesus, one toke over the line
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    Waitin’ for the train that goes home, sweet Mary
    Hoping that the train is on time
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  2. BTW, if anyone is interested, I have the email address for the CSC PR executive hwo is responsible for dealing with all of Riis’ dirty laundry. A few days after Riis finally fessed-up about being Mr Doper, I’d sent emails to the entire executive team (including the CEO and chairman of the board) asking why they still insisted on funding a systematic doper such as Riis.

    I imagine that the returns that the sponsorship brings are greater than what they spend, because her replies seemed to indicate that CSC is VERY committed to helping Bjarne continue to lead the good life. She pointed me towards the aggressive anti-doping program that the team has instituted since all of the shit that has gone down with Basso & co. I asked her “why should you have to have one?” to which she never replied.

    If you’re interested in bombing the CEO with anti-doping emails, feel free to get in touch with me. Here is CSC-PR-person Theresa McDermit’s email address:

  3. Patrick,

    In what way, shape, or form does bombarding the PR representative or the CEO from CSC benefit the anti doping cause? Corporate sponsors are not the cause of doping. It’s not like major corporations are beating down the door of the Discovery bus to be the new title sponsor. Cycling doesn’t need some insignificant busy body creating more problems.

  4. Not only that Tyler, but with their longitudinal blood tests, CSC cycling team, regardless of being owned by Riis, is a leader in the anti doping fight

    Their hematocrits are right at 43-44 .. what you would expect for healthy males.

    Riis may of been one of the giants of the syringe, but he isn’t stupid, the writing of putting a clamp on doping is on the wall and he is helping herd the cats there.

    You have to applaud those sponsors who are hanging in during this melt-down period, and not only that but are putting pressure on theirs and others teams to break the pattern of doping.

    I think I will send her a letter of thanks.

  5. Exactamundo, tyler D & bush43.

    Those who make a effort, particularly in light of whats been going on in this sport, should be applauded.

    That includes Bjarne Riis.

    Life is about learning from our mistakes & I can’t think of a better analogy for life, than cycling.