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7 Replies to “Fans at the 2007 Tour”

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  2. BP,
    You know its a good idea when someone steals it. ..shit, I’d have stolen it myself.

  3. There is a picture out there, from the 2004 TdF or so, of a similarly clad anti-doping fan running next to the peleton on a climb. I swear it is David Miller (during his suspension days of course.)

    Did anyone see this picture?

  4. From cyclingnews.com’s July 27th letters:

    Landis testing

    I’m writing about chickens and doping. The company I work for grows chickens. If a chicken in one of our flocks tests positive for a disease, we immediately send out a B sample to a lab that is independent of the lab that made the initial positive A test.

    When Floyd Landis had his B sample tested, it was tested at the same lab by the same team of technicians. Can anyone explain to me why our chickens are tested more stringently than WADA tests athletes?

    Bob Nicholson
    Huntsville, Alabama, USA
    Tuesday July 24 2007

    Guess the guy has a point…fucking Chatenay Malabry. Wish UCI, WADA & ASO would stop commenting on why the other one stank up the damn elevator and worked together. Fucking asshats.