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Young Republicans; The Next Generation

They’re Young

They’re Gay (not that there is anything wrong with that, except in their case)

They’re all hoping for positions as highly paid young no-nothings.

They lie.

They’re hypocrites.

They’re afraid.

They’re amazingly stupid.

Watch this, but pee first and have nothing in your mouth, unless you’re a young Republican, then we know what you have in your mouth.

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About Bush43

“Long time cyclist, skier and purveyor of all that is good in this life.” SLC, Utah, USA

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  1. That just disgusted me to the point that I lost all urge to eat. I hate stupid ass people like that. Thank god that there are some smart people in this country that can think for themselves, or else we would be in a world of hurt.

  2. These people sicken me. I have friends that have served. And one of these sons a bitches actually laughed at the question of whether or not he’d enlist.

    Kent Alexander, for example, is more “career orientated”.

    Are you fucking kidding me?

    The upside, at least for me with my second cup of coffee in front of me, is this: If these people represent the future of the Republican Party, if these dim bulbs are at the helm, then they are all heading for the reef.

    No way can such disingenuous simpletons hope to accomplish much of anything.

    So you’re active on campus, big deal. You’re a much of sneakerhead morons who push those who ask you questions out the door. Literally.

  3. I would say it’s pretty amazing how much hatred liberals have for anyone in opposition to their views, and how they believe every conservative is just a “stupid ass person.”

    The guy in the film is a child and makes a fool of himself. I’m sure that any positive comments were edited out.

    Your list of generalizations shows that you are far more ignorant and biased than any conservative could ever hope to be.

  4. Trib01,

    Are you saying that being young and fanatically supporting the war, and then not serving is consistent behavior? Are you saying that it has no chickenhawk implications?

    I am at a loss, because aside from my hyperbolic humor, which has riveted your attention the way a puppy watches a bouncing ball, the central aspect of the video seems to have bypassed you?

    I suspect you would love to maneuver this to debate about BDS, but let’s stick to the subject. Can you detect no hypocrisy among our valiant young Republicans?

  5. I made it through a minute and 56 seconds-let’s see someone top that. It forced me to re-examine the whole concept of people strapping 20 kilos of high explosives to their bodies and detonating themselves in crowds.

  6. I would agree that the people he interviewed seem like pretty big d-bags. Obviously the guy edited out any intellegent responses to his questions.

    I just think that you are over generalizing who college republicans and conservatives are. Your comments are far more offensive and sickening than anything from the video.

    Just call me stupid again in your next post, that’s classy.

  7. Trib01 – is it permissible to make fun of these particular college republicans and aspiring young chickenhawks?

    They are, in my opinion, quite indefensible. Are they representative of very conservative voter in this country? Of course not. Just like “Dollar” Bill Jefferson is not representative of all Democrats.

    But that doesn’t mean I can’t make fun of ‘ol Dollar Bill and the frozen stack of money the found in his freezer. He fucked up. And I make fun of him. Those kids in the video are fucked up. And I make fun of them.

  8. I am happy to draw the line between honest Conservatism, of which there are great numbers of people. Let’s see what their principles may be; small government, lower taxes, defense of the United States. Yep, that all sounds great to me.

    Now, let’s examine this bizarre phenomenon called Bush Conservatism; huge government, massive federal debt tossed on to the young and unborn, wars based on highly subjective and error filled reasoning of what “might” and “could” happen. No, this sucks shit.

    If that makes you happy Trib01, then we can call a truce. Because I can very much understand old line Conservatism versus Bush distortions of Conservatism.

  9. I’m not defending the people shown in the video, I’m just saying not all conservatives are like that. I’m obviously a conservative but I’m nothing like those tools. The guy used the comments of a few to describe the whole group. I would say the guy that made the video is a pretty big tool as well (not to mention he drives a pink camry).

    As for the war, I have the highest respect for anyone that has ever served. I can’t imagine spending a single day in their shoes. War is a shitty thing, but sometimes necessary. The fact is that if Kerry was the pres. he would have sent troops over there too, everyone was for the war in the beginning. I think a lot of conservatives are sick of seeing the troops over there trying to help people that just want to kill eachother. Getting Saddam out of there was a good thing, but other than that it’s been pretty crappy.

  10. I agree with the last post. I am all for the “honest conservative” ideals. But I am on the fence about the war. We probably just should have sent a SEAL in there to kill Saddam in his sleep.

  11. Saddam had nothing to do with that war. Iraq is only going to be used as a stepping stone into Iran. The only reason we haven’t intervened there yet is that we don’t have enough control of a country that we have conquered to pull the necessary number of troops needed for another middle eastern invasion.

  12. What a sad, unimaginative group of parrots. They’d be hard pressed to come up w/ an original thought between themselves. The kid on the corner in your town, the one w/ the tats & the skateboard, who smokes weed & “isn’t going anywhere” is more creatively intelligent than this whole lot put together.

    ‘Serving my country in the military, jeez, if you’re gonna ask me on camera, I’ve got an excuse so that I don’t look too bad but honestly, serving is ghetto sport, you know, for the underprivileged & such. I was never taught to think for myself, but gosh, I know what to avoid.’

    Good simple comparison, B43, as regards honest Conservatism vs. Bush ‘Steamroller’ Conservatism. Unfortunately these kid Re’pube’licans think the force feeding America is being subjected to, is just fine. How pathetic.

  13. Just a fact check. We were already at War when Kerry ran against Bush, and I doubt Gore, the guy with the most votes, would have invaded Iraq. Afghanistan was going down no matter who was Prez.

  14. “Your list of generalizations shows that you are far more ignorant and biased than any conservative could ever hope to be.”

    I doubt it.

    It was a video goofing on republicans. young republicans who will need to learn they need to be damn careful about anything they say in this soundbite happy world if they have political aspirations.

    At no point did I personally take it seriously. Isn’t that generally how you make fun of people, exploiting their mistakes, weaknesses etc.?

    Bit disturbing? yes!

    I am sure there were a few intelligent comments to be had, but usually those are not the funny or interesting ones. And if you are producing a spoof on young republicans, why would you want to make them look good?

  15. i think the conservative and liberal terms are all bullshit if you ask me. how fucking conservative is it to spend billions of dollars and human lives and energy manipulating shit. if you were conservative like that in a criterium, you would be dropped in the first ten minutes. all these terms, all this bullshit, from both sides, makes me want to ride my bike, play my guitar, and hope i am doing one of them when the mushroom cloud looms on the horizon. i don’t know what to do, i think i am going to say hi to someone today, or open a door for someone, or buy lemonade from a kid’s stand even if i don’t want it. politics is fucking business, and that is about as clear as anything to me. and business people want to make money. helping is an afterthought. or humanity.