Et tu DiLuca

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The hits just keep coming.

From: Kt
Subject: Et tu DiLuca
You read the latest on Cycling News? DiLuca recorded on tape talking w/ a
doctor about taking EPO prior to Milano-San Remo… shit just keeps sliding

Yeah, I saw that. I’d like to say I’m surprised…

But I’m not.

In a recorded conversation from March 3, 2004, five days before Milano-Sanremo, Santuccione expressed the need to inject Erythropoietin immediately since, at the time, the drug was only detectable for a few days. “You have to pass by. You have to hurry because you need to do it today,” said the doctor. Di Luca responded that he would come by with Alessandro Spezialetti at 19.00.


And, gee, the Giro winner gets caught up in a drug scandal? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Di Luca, Basso, Garzelli, Gotti, Pantani, Tonkov, Rominger, Berzin… Spotless. All of ’em.

In other news, it’s 4:30 and I just cracked my first beer. Tecate, in a can, ice cold. Someone (not me) taught my daughter how to “cheers”. Not so much the talking bit, just the clinking things together part. And she just rocked a dent in my can with her sippy cup.


Reminds me of when me and the gnome used to smash each others beer cans with impunity. What? Nothing.

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5 Replies to “Et tu DiLuca”

  1. Who cares, it was 3 years ago! He served a suspension for fuck sakes!
    And Petacchi for using his medically prescribed asthma inhaler. Christ, I hope I never get tested for salbutamol. My test would have been WAY over 1000 tonight…

  2. I no longer see road cycling for its “athletic” value, it’s pure entertainment. We know they are all on drugs, just time to sit back and watch the show. Like WWE, baseball, boxing….

  3. Haha…Jason’s got a point…why isn’t there a Paris Hilton/Andreas Klonden sex scandal in there to liven things up??

  4. Evil, just give it time, the Tour is still a week away and there is plenty of time for that story to come out.

    Tony agrees with Jason, doped to the gills, the whole lot of em.

  5. I have a clip from the Paris Hilton video on my site. To bad it got leeched onto the net for everyone to view. She did not want it to be released as it was her ex Rick Salomon that lost it.