Eat, Ride, and see the Old Man happy

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Yeah. This’ll be cool. Sunday morning, Flagstaff is home to the Father’s Day Pancake Ride.

Seriously, it’ll be fun. is hosting a pancake, egg-scramble thing, belgian waffle eat-fest before a bunch of mountain bike rides take off. The food starts at 8:30, the rides start at 10. there’s a ride for anybody. A bunch of the DC crowd will be there, except for the J himself, for he may be in jail or with his father. yes, J has a father. he’s not a literal bastard. just figurative.

the whole thing’s poppin’ off at Fort Tuthill. check if you’re intrigued. Fathers – take the family. make them give you what you want – food and bikes. it’s before noon – so you’re responsible for the beer. sorry.

and the rest of you figurative bastards – just let your old man know you remember – there’s a good chance he’s the one who pulled off the training wheels and pushed your gimpy ass until you fell over. and you may have stolen your beer from him when you were 15.

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